When Evidence says no yet your Doctor says yes.

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    I was spending some time reading studies, and analysis of design studies.
    We like to think Our Health Science is exact...
    Evidence based treatment is a buzz word, as is Replication of results.

    So, here is a well written article just lightly touching upon this.
    there are many more in depth and convoluted articles...dive right in.

    this one may or may not whet your appetite.
    "you don't know what you don't know"

    An Epidemic of Unnecessary Treatment

    it's right above...sorta hard to see the colored hyperlink
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    There are several factors that contribute to the over treatment and simplistic approach to medical care.
    1. Training and recurrent training. Most doctors do not have the time to fully read and comprehend the origami folded labeling that is included in packages.
    2. Pharma marketing. Current opiod crisis can be traced back to aggressive marketing by certain companies.
    3. Our medical system that treats patients by body parts not as a system consisting of interdependent parts.
    4. No one doctor to coordinate or oversee the overall treatment picture of the patient
    5. Our perverse procedure and time based payment system to the doctors
    6. Litigious culture. That results in over treatment

    Points 3 and 4 requires the patient to be responsible for all treatments, but most patients including well educated are incapable to do so.
    I believe evidence based medicine is a good approach but the evidence has to take into account all the evidence not just one part of the evidence.

    Pressure on FDA by the Congress on behest of the Pharma industry and even patient advocacy groups to approve drugs with lesser or limited clinical trial data. If you look at many of the approved Cancer drugs they extend life expectancy only by a few months I wonder if that really makes sense? Personally speaking if it comes to me I would refuse such treatment.

    I could go on but I will stop with my last point below.

    I am amazed by the number of adverts on X.2 TV channels law firms trolling for patients "harmed" by a drug. One of the advert said "...if you or a loved one have suffered death... call the number". Well I wonder how a patient has already suffered death can make call!! One of these even had a 1-800-BAD-DRUG phone number. That's simply ridiculous!
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