Wasn't going to say anything but AHEM, Note 8

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    I got it several weeks back. I pre-ordered and it showed up 10 days before the release date.

    So I wasn't going to say anything after Note 7 debacle but the worst part of that whole mess was I would up with an S7Edge, which I really did not care much for.

    So If I wasn't ging to say anything why am I now typing away?

    Well I was kind of disappointed with the Note 8 battery size of only 3300 mah but went for the thing any way. My S7 Edge had a 3600 mah batery I had throttle down the processor and was running it at full HD inorder to get the battery to last. It burned through a battery like fast.

    So I am now running my Note 8 which as I said has a 3300Mah battery. I am running it with no battery saving measures at QHD high res and full processor with blutooth, GPS and wifi on and this thing is a freaking champ. I will say that my Wife got an S8 Plus and I noticed her being for laxidasical with the battery and it always seeming to have juice. Last night I for got to charge my battery and this morning still had 65% and tossed it on the charger for a little bit but wasn't worried and headed off to work.

    So aside from the great battery life, this is a damn fine phone. As I learn more and more about the phone the more I love this thing, I loved my Note 7 and thought it the best phone I ever had, this thing is better. the screen is amazing. the Iris scanner is incredible . The camera is top notch and I love the Zoom on it.

    I have not a single complaint.

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    Good luck with it!

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    Cool. Sounds like you enjoy it.

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