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Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by John mark, May 19, 2017.

  1. John mark

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    Ok go ahead and flame me, but I like 7.1.4 when listening to 2 channel sources (Vinyl and Cd). I know the imaging is much better but I get a "warm and fuzzy" feeling utilizing multiple speakers.
    I guess it has to do with that Im 53 years old and when I was in High School 2 channel was it. The big thing was recording vinyl to cassette and listening to my in my car. I know others my age like vinyl and cd in 2 channel I guess Im different :)
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  2. CJ

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    Maybe on a lot of forums you'd get flamed. Here I think you'll get a lot of "whatever floats your boat." I think it depends on how it is done. I know my Anthem really attenuates the center and surrounds so they're very much creating a sense of space and ambience rather than full on faux surround. I very rarely use it but I don't feel guilty turning it on every now and then to see what it sounds like.
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  3. Randy Rhoton

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    Like CJ said, listen to what you like. With me, when I first got into multichannel, it was 3.1. Left, center, right and sub. Tried listening to cd's that way and hated it. Almost all the sound came from the center channel. Can you say "Mono"? Went back to stereo for music and stayed that way. And I'm 68. Remember in the 60's the big thing with stereo was putting your speakers as far apart as possible and recording things like trains passing all the was across your living room. Was funny, but not really good for serious music listening. But I will add that I have some very nice concert blu-rays in multichannel that are mixed properly and I enjoy them.
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  4. John mark

    John mark Member

    Thanks CJ and Randy,
    Looks like Home Theater Lounge is a cozy corner on the internet! I know this has probably been discussed before but started thinking about how this hobby has evolved. I started this hobby the tail end of 8 tracks. Who would have thought how it evolved to its current state.
    Enjoy your Saturday!
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  5. Carl V

    Carl V Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    welcome and please provide more details about your
    ((( surround)))
    MCH set up. 7.1.4? Striclty 2ch source or AIX MCH mixes
    Assuming you have 7 Satellite speakers (LCR/Surrounds/Rear./over head)
    a .1 LFE channel & _____ four subs
    as an array, a swarm---Geddes style/Welti/ on do you have
    one at 90degrees out of phase Quadrature for a cardoid.

    What MCH synthesizer are you using?
    AVR? Logic 7, Atmos

    Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, DTS:X: 3D Audio – What's The Difference?

    MCH can be thrilling. Can be superior to "stereo"
    The basic premise is true and has been known for decades, as for example, summarized here AES E-Library » Perceptual Soundfield Reconstruction
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  6. Carl V

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    You might be interested in this technology AURO 3D immersive sound

    Auro-3D Music Upmix Demo with StormAudio ISP 3D.16 Elite Pre/Pro at CES 2017 -

    An impressive 3D sound experience in the new Panamera

    here is another tidbit
    Auro-3D® Immersive Sound Interview with Wilfried Van Baelen

    I helped a guy with his Marantz 7010 ( has the AURO3D--height speakers)
    and a full speaker set up of GR Research and 4 Rhythmic Subs.

    I have enjoyed MCH off & on for years.
    Yamaha 7.1 or 9.2. Lexicon Logic 7 and Meridian.

    Most people have only experienced the Product right out of the box with
    "gee-whiz" Stadium, Church or Jazz Club "acoustic Settings" without
    dailing them way back and slowly experimenting with set it up. Pity, often throwing
    the baby out with the bath water.

    Unfortunately, not a lot of MCH material is available. and some Implementations have
    been cheesy.

    it might be noted J Gordon Holt appreciated well done MCH music mostly Symphonic,
    HP of TAS did like wise. Howard Ferstler of $ensible sound likewise championed the
    restrained implementations. Currently, Stereophile scribe Kal Rubinson has a Colomn Music
    In the Round. Sharp guy. Quite the knowledgable music buff.

    an Ex Stereophile writter opined about MCH.... -- Features Archives
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  7. Carl V

    Carl V Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    Don't know what sorta music you like however, you ought to check out some of these

    "IsoMike™ (Isolated Microphones) is an experimental acoustic baffle system,
    to address the interference of intrachannel sounds that results in compromised fidelity.
    For these 4-channel recordings, the microphones were suspended on four arms, separated by IsoMike™ baffles."

    IsoMike sells music too, albums are $40
    iso mike

    Individual SACD Surround (4-Channel) downloads from their The Fry Street Quartet
    - Joseph Haydn String Quartets album (2.8MHz DSF) are available for $5 each.
    Joseph Haydn String Quartets | IsoMike
  8. Dan Driscoll

    Dan Driscoll HTT Refugee Donor War Zone Member

    John, I didn't want you to be disappointed, so....



    p.s Welcome to HTL!
  9. John mark

    John mark Member

    Dan: LOL. Carl and anyone else. My setup is 7.1.4. I don't listen to 2 channel at all. My speakers are B&W 804 fronts, 805 side and rears, HTM 1 center, Velodyne DD15 sub and Paradigm Signitures for ceiling speakers.

    My processor is an Anthem AVM 60. I basically use DSU or DTS Neural for music. I have in the past used Logic7 as I have been an owner of an MC1 and MC8b. I also have owned an Yamaha DSP A1, which was a very fun piece. I have Directv, an Oppo 103d BDP, A Sharp 80"display, VPI Scout Jr. table with an Ortofon 2m Black cartridge, Parasound Amps (A51, A21 (2) A23) and Audioquest cables throughout.

    I have heard of Auro 3D but am content with Atmos and DTS:X.

    I do own about 50 MCH SACDs and DVDAs which are basically classic rock.

    IsoMike sounds very interesting, but I don't think its for me.

  10. CJ

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    Yeah, I think Anthem does multi-channel music from a stereo source exceptionally well.
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  11. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    In 1973 I had a Marantz 4140 integrated amp and four Large Advents. I was stylin' and rocking the latest Quadraphonic technology. I eventually gave up on surround music because it just never sounded "right" to me then... and stacking the advents in a stereo setup sounded better. For whatever reason I have never gone back. But as has been said, whatever floats your boat is how you should row. :)
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  12. Carl V

    Carl V Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    sounds like you have a nice setup which works for you...;)
    How often do you play LP's...and how do they sound?
    PINK Floyd would be fun....YES...King Crimson...Mannheim Steam roller
    (fresh Aire V)
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  13. John mark

    John mark Member

    Hi Carl

    I listen to LPs about 5 hours a week. The sound coming from my VPI/2m black is more transparent than others Ive heard. I only have about 70 LPs as Im rebuilding my collection. My collection from my youth has been trashed from improper care :) (Who, Stones, Pink Floyd ,YES, Led Zeppelin...) Brings a tear to my eye :)

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