Ugh, not this crap again (Clean versions of films)

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by CJ, Jun 9, 2017.

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    There used to be some puritanical organization that edited films to meet "Christian values" or some such thing. But I think they had to break copy protection to do so and got sued. I can't remember it was years ago. While this is slightly better as the content owner is offering it as a feature on the standard film version, it still doesn't require any permission from the actual artists involved. I understand the studio owns the content and if actors, directors, producers, et al don't like the contracts they shouldn't sign them. In fact, if I were an influential Hollywood director, I'd be writing this into my contract going forward.

    Clean Versions - Sony's family friendly edits come at a price
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    Sometimes, in my opinion, the networks go too far as well. I remember watching 'Blazing Saddles' and the campfires screen and they cut out the fart sounds for broadcast TV several years back. I guess they are trying to offend as little people as possible vs. the director's intent, etc.
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    I recall as a child my mother having to tell me what was going on during the campfire scene while watching it on Broadcast TV. Two movies that come to mind, The Exorcist, and Airplane, especially Airplane. The first day we got Cable TV back in the fall of 1985, Airplane was one of the first movies we watched, and our jaws dropped, considering how many times we watched this movie on NBC.

    Nickelodeon was pretty strict with some of the Looney Tunes cartoons as well. They cut out scenes of Wild-E-Coyote overdosing on Earthquake Pills, and the "Food around The Corner" Flea episode, in which the dog this flea was harassing, shoots himself in the head at the end of the episode.
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    I've never encountered this, altho' I have heard & read about
    the censoring in the past. I have a couple of friends who are
    very conservative. They monitor and screen everything before
    it's viewed. And basically no Live TV...or Programs...DVD have been
    ripped with offensive material removed. Their kids are 3-10
    They will slowly expose them to the outside world. One is sorta
    like Captain Fantastic. A Very intelligent & Self Sufficient family.
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    The Puritans have always had an inordinate amount of power in this country. It's interesting to me that some of them are the same folks complaining about people trying to be "politically correct." I have always opposed censorship of any kind.
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    Sony Won’t Release Clean Versions of Films if Directors Disapprove
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    In Hollywood movies the good guys always win. I vaguely recall hearing that there was an edict from Washington long ago. If so isn't that a kind of censorship?
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    Not sure what you're talking about. The bad guy wins in plenty of movies.
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