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    I just wanted to explain what happened with the "hack". No one's account, personal information or email was exposed. When you do an upgrade, certain files you upload for the upgrade script need to be world writeable. If you don't do a good cleanup job, those files can be used after the fact. Basically someone exploited that to upload a new notice to the forum. Notices are a default tool built into the forum. I could post a new notice now. This group must crawl the internet looking for forums with the install files not cleaned up properly and just insert this same default notice. Its formatted so it looks like they took over the whole site, but the reality is, everything is still there and worked. It looks like a few people posted during the "hack". So its cleaned up now, it only took me 3 minutes. The real issue was that I was offline from about 1pm to 10pm yesterday.

    If anyone has any questions, ask away, or PM me.
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    So, the revolution will not be televised?
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    Here I was worried it was Nikki's threat for my expelling toxic chemicals after last nights Indian food.
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    Goodbye all... I am off to join the cause...
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    That was some funny shit. I woke up late last night. I could not sleep. It was super quiet. I go htl. And this middle eastern music comes full blast. I thankful that this was not my chemo week or else I good have sharted myself. Lol

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