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Discussion in 'Picture Show' started by ellisr63, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Carl V

    Carl V Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    welcome....and nice job.
    I bet it goes to 11. ;)
  2. Carl V

    Carl V Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    that is a HUGE screen.
    I have that PJ.
    I sit 13 feet from a 100'.
  3. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    Thanks, Not without hearing protection... 112db with 1 watt out of the horns.
  4. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    Our front row is 12' from the screen... Everyone in the Forums said it was too close, but I don't agree nor does anyone who has experienced it in our HT. I think that part of the reason is we are below 16ftl so we get no eyestrain at all. Down the road when 4k gets cheaper (and I find a suitable 4k projector that is brighter), I will be able to verify that.
  5. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    Progress from yesterday... Getting the HT entrance area (pond) flagstone laid

    Looking from the HT to the pond entrance.

    Looking from the HT entrance to the Skimmer.

    Entrance to the HT.
  6. Dustin B

    Dustin B Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    So how are those DTS10 subs working out. Got any in room measurements of how their response is doing? Can they really do 110+ db at sub 20hz?
  7. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    We have a little fine tuning to do on the subs still... I have never tested the subs at 110db+ at 20Hz, but I do know when we watched a movie the other night the bass was violently shaking our seating at reference levels.
  8. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    We watched the first Bourne movie last night. This was the first time since about July... Man did it ever sound different since then! It is amazing how much acoustic treatments change the sound.
  9. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    Today's update...
    We have the entrance to the pond almost done. The next part is to get the Ipe railing completed. Once that is done the HT will get it's finishing touches, and then we will finish off the pond area with Ipe decking for the remaining flooring, and bridge.


  10. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    A friend in another forum suggested i try out the Roger Waters CD (Amused to death) which was recorded in Q Sound. I just got it ripped to the HDD, and sat down in the 2nd row to listen to it...........................................................................

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I could hear a bobcat to my right with dogs barking in my driveway (about 20' in front of me), people talking about 2' in front and to my left about 8' away. I have never heard anything like this coming from 2 channels. I had to stop listening after the first song to gather my thoughts!

    I highly suggest anyone who likes Pink Floyd music to give this a listen. :T :T
  11. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    My Asthma is bothering me again and my wife thinks it is from all the new construction smells in the HT... So I decided to look into getting something to remove the odors on a daily basis.

    I just ordered these...
    1. This hopefully will take care of any odors in the HT.

    2. This hopefully will push the aire fast enough through the carbon scrubber.

    I am planning on installing them on the 8" HVAC return line. The return line is i believe either 25' or 50' of flex hose zig zagged across the ceiling and exiting the HT to our hall closet. I think that I can install the fan in there , and then install the Carbon scrubber on the other end of the fan. If it is too noisey I think that these should work on each side of the fan.
  12. Bill Stratton

    Bill Stratton Active Member

    195", now THAT'S a theater!
    Is this your first theater build? You obviously studied up how to do it.
    I'm sure it's completely sound insulated/isolated, but it is it too damped?
    I also have the Semour AT screen (103"). Just something nice about the sound coming directly from the screen instead of above/below.
    Oh, tell us about the Darbee. Sounds intriguing.
  13. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    Thanks for the comments, Bill. This is my first dedicated HT build although I have had other HT builds over the last 15 years though none of them were actually constructed, and setup to this level before. This HT is a double wall construction, and all the room treatments were as suggested by GIK. I have had quite a few people over that are Musicians, and or Audiophiles and they all have loved the way it sounds. One of my friends told me not to do any more acoustic treatments including diffusion as the sound is perfect right now and any treatment we do might lose the magic we have now. I know it is right on the edge of being too dead though, so it makes sense to not mess with it anymore. :) The Seymour AT screen is my first AT screen and i have to say I love it. You are correct that having the speakers behind the screen makes a big difference in the overall sound of the front stage. The Darbee Darcet was recommended on another forum as a necessity for a projector, and I have to agree as it def shows the detail better than without one.
  14. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    New additions coming soon to the HT. I have a Krell Showcase 7.1 Pre/Processor coming, Crown D75 amp (still need one more), and next item will be the MiniDSP DDRC 88-A. I am hoping this takes me to the next level. I am also contemplating selling my MiniDSPs, and getting the balanced versions since all of my equipment will now be balanced. I will be using a Autopatch Precis HD Component switcher for my Audio (and possibly video). I will be getting 2 HDMI breakout boxes to 5.1 or 7.1 for 2 of my sources. I will then use the Component cables (if I still have them) for the Xbox360, and PS3. This should last me until I decide to go with Atmos, DTS-X. I am also contemplating moving the Tchip amps to the surrounds or maybe just pick up some more low power pro amps.
  15. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    Last night a friend of mine, and I listened to the new setup (only the Oppo 105D was inserted into the old setup), and we were very surprised as to what a difference it made.

    Top end is more extended, and more info present then before. Lows are even tighter than before...maybe just as touch less powerful. Dynamics are much better.

    The colors pop more now, Black levels look better, and the picture appeared to be sharper too.

    The demo was done through HDMI which means we are not using the DACs from the 105D. We also are not using the built in Darbee yet as I still have my old one. Looks like I will be selling the Darbee, and going to the built in one.
  16. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    I decided to return the Oppo 105D, and get the Oppo 103. So far it is as good as the 105D was. I am also adding some new gear to the mix this next week...

    I am adding the MiniDSP DDRC-88A, 2 more Yamaha P2500s amps for the surrounds, and 2 Yamaha P2075 amps for the horns. I am going to get rid of the Denon, and the T-chip amps.

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