The costly realization that you screwed up.

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  1. Dustin B

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    If you remember I bought a house in 2006. I've done some fairly extensive renovations to it. The most work was going from this:


    to this:


    The plan was always to change the attached garage into livable space. For a long time I had planned on it becoming a master suite with en-suite bathroom and the two bedrooms above would be the theater. I made the theater bit happen quite a while ago although it never got properly finished.


    I ripped out the stub walls on that stairwell when I finished the bedroom portion of the master-suite just before Addie was born and added posts for a railing that still isn't finished (she's 4.5 now). The plan for the master-suite was for it to look like this (the bathroom portion is just framed, everything else though has been completed).


    I've now decided though that I'm going to gut both rooms and start over. Reason being that stairwell in the middle of the master-suite was a stupid idea and done at the time as I didn't consider taking on modifying the foundation to get access to what was the attached garage. I've now decided that is worth the effort, especially before I go and finish the en-suite bathroom. New plan is to move the stairwell back into the hallway for access to what will be a 25'x11.5' master-suite. And what was the attached garage will become the theater with a landing and stairwell sunken inside the room, but at the very back of the house with access coming from the furnace room in the basement.


    No need for the major compromises the stairwell in the middle of the two rooms caused. I'll be able to put an exterior door in the foundation and sound proof the theater room properly. A screen wall will hide the bay window, which is a slight downside but it was more for aesthetics on the outside of the house. The master-suite will have significantly more usable space. The issues the stairwell in the middle caused with HVAC and electrical go away and the plumbing for the master-suite bathroom becomes easier. I'm very much looking forward to getting this completed, but it's going to be several years before it's finally all done. Hoping to start on the new stairwell this coming spring.
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    good luck
  3. Dustin B

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    Really hoping I can get my hands on the electric version at the end of this video for cutting the door way into the foundation wall. I might even buy one if I have to and sell it when I'm done.
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    Any excuse to buy a new tool is a good excuse.

    Man law.
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    Agreed normally man law applies. I needed to put some fasteners in concrete for a project I am working on (pics when I am done). So I picked up a nice new hammer drill. Got home set it down to open it up and used it. When I was done I packed it up and put it away. Thing is I had set it on a tool case. Opened that case up and it was a new and un-used hammer drill. I have more than one of almost everything, so no big deal I guess.

    In this situation I would just hire a cutting and sawing contractor to cut the hole. Couple hours and he is in and out. I would think it would only be a couple hundred bucks. Those saw will be over a grand for sure.
  6. Dustin B

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    That saw in electric form is over 2k CAD. I'd plan to sell it as soon as I was done with it but I'm hopeful I can find one to rent. I may end up just renting one that isn't as ideal for the job and making due.

    I'll look into paying some one to cut the hole but there is also curbing from a shower that was in the furnace room, a portion of the garage floor to remove and a lot of dirt to dig out. I'm not sure what order that would have to be done in and how that would affect what a contractor would be willing to do and for what. And given the insane rates they charge for commercial work here and that's likely the only contractor with the tools to do this I wouldn't be surprised if I got quotes for closer to a couple grand than a couple hundred.

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