The best sci-fi films of all time

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by CJ, Jun 14, 2017.

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    Another list, this time in video essay format. Thoughts?

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    I like how they group into sub categories so I'll have a go. Random thoughts (only stuff I took issue with):

    1. Contact over Arrival, seriously? I've read more than once that Arrival is Contact-done-right-- and I agree.

    2. Snowpiercer - that film haunted me for months and was a tough re-watch. Much more subtle than it was given credit. Brilliant.

    3. Her over Blade Runner (in the discussion of human rights vs. emotional effects)? Hmmm, per GREAT sci fi, I have a hard time choosing Her over the Ridley Scott classic.

    4. I wouldn't have put The Prestige on the list. It's good, excellent even, but top 10 sci fi? No.

    5. Love Eternal Sunshine. Never really thought about it as classic sci fi, but I get their argument.

    6. 2001 - if they didn't include this they would have lost all credibility.

    Lists like these exist so esoteric hipsters can differentiate themselves by choosing obscure indies or foreign films that are only stocked by Alaskan Blockbusters. That said, some good choices there. They acknowledge excellent and classic films while veering towards their list. Not too bad.
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    btw - here's 11-20 from the list I posted above - check out number 20 and the pic the leading man (I have the DVD and it's so hard to imagine his later famous movies) - The 100 best sci-fi movies
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    Great post and I agree with much of it. Of course these lists with zero controversy generate zero engagement so while I'm not saying they intentionally did things like the Her / Blade Runner decision I'm sure there is a lot that goes into it. It has a bit of a recency bias even though it includes SOME older films like 2001 and even Metropolis. So maybe they were trying to avoid putting another very recent movie on the list with the Contact / Arrival decision. I want to rewatch Eternal Sunshine. I've been seeing it pop up a lot recently so it must be making its way into classic status (rightfully so IMO).
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    12 Monkeys and Children of Men should be in this thread.

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