Star Wars Episode 8 - The Last Jedi

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by Jay Brown, Jan 23, 2017.

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    God, I like the way you think.
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    Oh! Option 2, charge $1 a ticket, theaters will be packed, but since Disney only gets a percentage, it'll be peanuts :D
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    ANH? You mean Star Wars, the original title to the first film. The casting in these new films is worse then that casting Lucas did with his new trilogy. Such bad acting other then Oscar Issac who is about the only decent actor of the lot. This film will be a Redbox rental for me. After how bad TFA was, I can't waste the time or money...
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    As a very casual Star Wars fan I'm pretty excited for this TLJ. And I did enjoy TFA much more than the other trilogy I don't really get what all the fuss is about to be honest
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    Yep, original Star Wars, 1977, but I though it was known as ANH nowadays.

    While I can agree the casting has been a bit downhill, I must say I think Rey is great, but YMMY.

    Regarding casting, I think the OT was great, only one well-known name, killed off in the first film.
    For the sequels, Liam Neeson was not so great, and neither was young Anakin, although not as bad as widely thought.
    Ewan McGregor was good, and I actually think Hayden did an OK job ( I know I'm in the minority here).
    And for the new trilogy, like I said, Rey rules.

    Looking forward to this one.
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    It is. Ron's being a grump.

    The problem with the prequels was 90% writing in my opinion.
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    I think that's true of nearly every movie serial that goes past three titles, and for some past two. It's a rare series indeed that can actually reboot (like Star Trek) and by many measures exceed the original after the original had completely jumped the shark. I do not think Star Wars has achieved this nor do I think it's likely to. And then there are some like Batman that has both rebooted and then jumped the shark at least twice...
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    The prequels were so bad not only in terms of writing but also costumes, settings and cgi in my opinion. But then again it's so bad it's almost iconic to me
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    I don't understand why anyone would dislike either RO on TFA, I thought they were both great Star Wars movies that honored the nostalgia of the original series while introducing new characters at the same time blending them with original characters. These two movies far surpassed Ep 1,2,3 but while those movies were somewhat lacking the did open the story more (the CGI was ghastly).

    I saw ANH in a drive-in theater in the summer of 1977, I was 6.5 years old, sitting in the back of a half-ton truck in my pajamas, eating pop-corn and getting to stay up late. Every time I watch Star Wars it takes me right back there again, that's what the movies are about for me, people over think and over analyze every nook and cranny of a movie now and suck every ounce of fun out of it.
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    I went and saw this Sunday with my middle daughter and my sister. We all enjoyed it. I know the fan base is divided (despite critics giving it a solid mid 90s score). I didn't have too many issues and the ones I did didn't ruin the movie for me. Solid entry in the franchise for me. I think people are at the phase of wanting to look cool by dissing something popular. The movie wasn't perfect but there are people out there calling it bad, which is just DUMB.

    My issues are primarily the side mission to the planet to get the code breaker, Leia's fake death, and Luke's actual death. The code breaker mission ended up being entirely pointless. I'm not sure if that was all just to show a planet to remind people that this isn't just two groups fighting in space but there are real worlds at stake here? Or to show that it is more gray than black and white. Like the Empire seems ruthless but they think they're the legitimate power and the rebels are basically terrorist? My point is, it did serve some purpose I guess because I'm asking these questions.

    Leia's fake death was probably the most unnecessary element but it didn't ruin anything for me and we got to see her use the force in a badass way! Based on the fact that there's at least an hour of film remaining after this they couldn't realistically have kept this as Leia's real death. I'm guessing the figured they'd kill off Han, Luke, and then Leia in that order. They'll have to figure out a graceful exit for her in Ep9. No CGI. She needs to die off camera if necessary.

    Luke going Obi Wan and just offing himself probably irritated me the most. I just don't see the point right now but maybe in the longer story arc they need to get rid of some of the old guard. I just felt like after projecting himself into the battle and then he wasn't really there and then PSYCH, he's dead any way was kind of stupid.

    I won't even mention Snoke's death as an issue, because for me it wasn't. Many sith and emperor have been killed in simple ways because they simply didn't expect to be turned on. In ROTJ, Vader just throws the emperor in a hole. This wasn't really an issue for me.


    There was so much that DID work for me. Rey's time on the island with Luke, the space battles (AWESOME), some of the best light saber action to date. The character development is coming along in my opinion. Rey being a nobody works for me. There were multiple laugh out loud moments as well. Maybe some won't appreciate the "I'm still holding humor". I say, you take yourself far too seriously then. And finally, did I imagine that the little boy force grabbed the broom stick at the very end?
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  11. Jay Brown

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    I sense a Love-Hate approach towards this movie. I enjoyed it myself, not all of it, but witnessing perfection in film has been a long shot. There are some sequences that will rub people the wrong way, and some people will take the high road, with all things considered. This was not a bad movie, and I heard a good portion of the audience clap at the end of the film. There was one sequence in which a tear rolled down my right eye. That's the investment talking, 30 plus years worth.

    Yes, this movie took risks, and whether or not the risks payed off is up to the individual. There was one scene in which I said to myself (Speilberg said something), and I rolled my eyes, but other than that, I was quite entertained and saddened at the same time.
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    From the New York Times:

    The critics — including The Times's Manohla Dargis — loved "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." Rotten Tomatoes, aggregating their reviews, rated the latest chapter in the saga 93% fresh. But the fans? Not so much. At least if you go by Rotten Tomatoes, which says moviegoers rated it 56% fresh.

    But wait! CinemaScore, which conducts exit polls at theaters (that is, it reaches actual, live beings), says moviegoers gave "The Last Jedi" a solid A. And the box office was stratospheric.

    What's going on? There are several theories.

    1) It's straight up trolling. Deadline says nothing prevents the same person from logging on repeatedly to Rotten Tomatoes and dragging down the audience score (and one Facebook user claims to have done just that).

    2) The adventures of Rey and company were genuinely disappointing. The Hollywood Reporter notes that anticipation was running high that the follow-up to "The Force Awakens" would explain
    who Rey's parents are, and the answer (nobody special) wasn't very satisfying.

    3) It's a function of how the internet has affected fandom. Vanity Fair argues that the web fosters the kind of scrutiny that few films can withstand.
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    David I spoiler tagged one line of your post, hope you don't mind. I agree with all three of those suppositions and it could be a combination. It is possible for a good movie to fail to live up to the hype if the hype is ridiculous. I think The Force Awakens made people realize we can have good Star Wars films again and they instantly became spoiled. This movie isn't perfect but it wasn't bad. If you were expecting to have your world changed, you were probably disappointed (and you are also a sad person IMHO).
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    Nicely done, I didn't catch the spoiler. Thanks!
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    I enjoyed it a lot and the time flew by. What's missing for me with 7 and 8 is they aren't moving the story forward from 6. Rehashing the plot from 4-6 almost like they didn't happen takes away as much from 4-6 as it does from 7 and 8.
  16. Ron-P

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    Critics give it 93%, so strange, they never give popcorn sci-fi films a score like that. Viewers on the other hand, 59%, I thought it would be much higher. I still put Rogue One as the 3rd best film of them all, this one I'll wait till next year or for the Blu-ray.

    That was my biggest complaint (sans the casting as well), but the complete copycat story of ANH. It was so similar I felt I was watching a rehash with just fancier effects with #7.
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    It’s basically been established that the Rotten Tomatoes score is wrong. We don’t know why yet but IMDb is high 80s and Cinema Score is an A. The latter poll actual viewers. Something is fishy about RT right now. Maybe they’ll figure it out and correct.
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    Russian bots.
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    I have long since grown jaundiced on RT. Clearly folks have figured out ways to manipulate this system.

    Besides, I take my movies via IV now that I'm a seasoned citizen. :rolleyes:
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    OK I watched the Last Jedi on opening night and while there was much to enjoy about it something was bothering me and I could not quite figure out what exactly struck me so wrong and I have wrestled with it for a couple weeks now and I think I finally figured out what bothered me..

    I don't think I give away any spoilers here...

    You see with the Original Trilogy and even in the Prequels (Which I don't hate as much as some but they are quite flawed.) they always did little things to impress upon the viewer just how vast and large the Republic and the empire was and while at times it might not have seemed like the Rebel forces were large they were there and they tended to stress how each system and planet had it own little group.

    In TLJ the whole thing felt claustrophobic. The New Order did not seem Republic or Empire big they actually seeemed small and petty. The resistance seemed way to small, small enough that they might not have been worth chasing after if the New Order was Empire big. Even in Force Awakens they made the resistance seem large enough to be worthy as an enemy. Here they did not seem worthy of being an enemy to anything as big as the Republic or the Empire but here the The New Order looks small too like they might not even be big enough to be a worthy adversary of the Empire or Republic.

    I mean this is a beautifully filmed movie and has some great scenes and I might just being grumpy and it really took me awhile to put my finger on what bothered me and now I want to know if any of you agree?
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