Sometimes I really miss California

Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by DYohn, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. DYohn

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    Not the traffic nor the crowds nor the over-priced real estate, no. Arizona has Cali beat there by orders of magnitude. Something happened today that makes me miss some of the policies in California. Today is recycling pickup day here in the East Valley of the Sun. After living more than 30 years in California, recycling is second nature to me. I diligently sort my trash, I rinse food residue off recyclable containers, I compost food waste, I minimize the trash I generate in every way I can. So after this morning's pickup I see something taped to the blue recycling bin on the curb as I pull it back into my yard. It is a notice from the City about what products they will no longer except because "there is little to no commercial market for them." This includes anything made from Styrofoam (even if it has the recyclable symbol on it,) any dog food or cat food containers or bags, any cans not made from 100% aluminum, paper that is not newspaper, and a long list of other items. It also says that all acceptable recycling items must be loose in the bin, no more bags will be accepted. They instruct that all unacceptable items should go into regular trash to be taken to the land fill. What the holy hell? The note goes on to say that if the driver notices policy "violations" in the bin "repeatedly" (no idea what repeatedly means) that they will terminate recyclable pickup at my address. Well fuck you City of Mesa. This is what living in a "red state" is about I suppose, but it is short-sighted and stupid.
  2. Dan Driscoll

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    Yeah, I had to adapt when we moved to FL. Our recycling restrictions are pretty much what you described.
  3. Mike B

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    Out here in the backwoods of San Joaquin Cty, we not only have trash and recycling bins (that do accept Styrofoam), we also have yard waste bins for grass and tree branches and leaves. They get made into mulch and the City sells it.
  4. jasn

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    Some of those rules are whack David. Since moving out to the far reaches of Cape Cod, our town doesn't even have pick-up. We just buy a transfer sticker and bring it to a transfer station. Suits me just fine, not having to worry about missing a day.

    Our town recently set a new rule that recycled paper, glass or plastic (combined) not be in plastic bags. Pissed me off at first, but I am thinking it is because when it gets to a recycle center the bags don't break open and allow for automated sorting. So, when we dump it I just rip open the bag and put it in a separate container.
  5. Phil A

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    Yes - same situation in FL. No real consumer protection either here (including the right to work or more appropriately named the right to get fired for no cause). Even medical marijuana which passed last year with 71% of the vote (in FL) and the law was fairly confined to very limited things (e.g. cancer, PTSD) has not been implemented - e.g. Man, nursery sue state of Florida over medical marijuana delays

    They just don't care what the voters have to say. It's just the way it is. I have a friend who goes nuts over it. I can't be bothered. It won't change until the people running the government are voted out and more likely won't make significant progress on many things until we have a viable 3rd party to provide some balance and keep a decent amount of the other two parties a bit more responsive to things.
  6. Rick C

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    Not sure about this California thing! Yes we have 3 bins for garbage and recycling. On the flip side of the coin we are enjoying crazy winds, fires all around us and yes we had to evacuate on Tues.

    We were lucky and have returned home - feel so bad for all the people and animals being impacted with everything burning.
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    Yeah, we do get the fires here and canyons are hard to fight. And then after the fires burn all the vegetation in the fall the mudslides come in the spring.

    Glad to see you are back home - :)
  8. capsuleri

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    But you pay low State and Local Taxes(SALT)!!;)
  9. chad

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    I’ve been homesick the past year or so. Christmas will never be Christmas to me when it’s 90° outside. They’re rapidly developing our “middle of nowhere” neighborhood” and I just don’t feel at home here.

    Nikki loves it. She grew up here and it’s what she knows. I’ve always had itchy feet so “anywhere but here” sounds good.

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  10. Mike B

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    I had that problem when I moved from Detroit to Huntington Beach. Christmas and 85 degrees with Santa Ana winds.

    I like it better up here, a little more seasonal.
  11. Carl V

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    underlying this is the fact that recycling is not cost effective...
    it was always sorta underwritten by gov't money...and oddly shipped
    off to Foreign lands....CHINA & INDIA etc.,. But no more, it's no longer
    cost effective for them.
    And Carbon Credits sin't working even in the land of Jerry Brown.

    Perhaps we could legislate good behavior with taxes, bottle deposits,
    surcharges on paper & plastic.....oh wait they've tried that too.
  12. Mike B

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    We pay to recycle, always have. What's new?
  13. CJ

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    I'm seeing some very favorable reports recently about wind and solar energy becoming cheaper than gas / coal fired power already. You win some you lose some. Someone needs to tackle recycling from an economic perspective rather than ecological perspective. That's what made green energy finally take off. Sure ecology was the imperative, but commercial viability was the answer.
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  14. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    And the state's crappy education system is the result. :)
  15. capsuleri

    capsuleri Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    Well that's what Charter Schools and private schools are for. Want your kids educated pay for it yourself, you had the kids they are your poblem... why should others subsidize you? The same with SALT deductions on Federal taxes, why should FL, AZ etc. subsidize the damned blue states CA, NY, NJ etc. That's today's conservatism each man and State for itself. E Pluribus singulus...Get with the program;)....
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  16. capsuleri

    capsuleri Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    Our county put a 5c a per plastic and paper bag tax. It has reduced plastic bag pollution in local rivers. After 4 years it surprises me how many people still pay for the plastic bags and complain, instead of bringing in their own reusable bags or even buying one right at the check out for $2.00 each.

    We have three bin recycling an all my neighbors comply. When I lived in DE in 1980's we did not have to separate the trash. The County had a state of the art system for its time to separate, paper, plastic, aluminium, steel cans.
  17. DYohn

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  18. Mike B

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    I look for and buy products made from recycled material. My projector / audio stand for the backyard HT for instance. I buy trash bags made from recycled bags and treated to decompose. Supposed to only last 5 years in a landfill. The red plastic fence slats in the cyclone fence are another and I also have a storage shelf.
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  19. Dan Driscoll

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    I know this was tongue in cheek, but just to make it clear, CA is is a net loser on Federal funds. IOW, they get back less then what they pay in. Of the 50 states 14 get back less than they pay in and the other 36 are basically leeches, to varying degrees. ;)

    Which States Are Givers and Which Are Takers?
    One of the most interesting points made in this article is that the the states with the most conservative voters, in the deepest red states, who supposedly are the most adamant about cutting taxes cut and reducing speninging, are the same states that are most dependent on federal money, or as I said, leeches. :rolleyes:
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  20. Dan Driscoll

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