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  1. Ken McDaniel

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    We have a decade old set of Pallisers. Strangely the release handles recently broke off two if them in the same week. Thankfully Amazon sells easy and cheap replacements.

    Enjoy those Catnappers, David!
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  2. Phil A

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    My two seats (one with one arm and a cup holder and one with no arm) are tethered together and are powered (and have the LED lights but I don't use them - weren't supposed to have them but the delivered them that way and didn't charge me so I just left it alone (the LED lights underneath are weird looking).
  3. Barry_NJ

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    I was going to recommend Ekornes, extremely comfortable and not as bulky/boxy as most "Home Theater" seating tends to be.
    Hope you enjoy the CatNappers!
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