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Discussion in 'Forum Software Tips and Tricks' started by CJ, Sep 26, 2017.

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    One of the features of the software that thankfully I don't have to use frequently is very cool though. @Chris Slade reported a spam post. Thanks Chris. But that's not the cool part. I click on the report icon at the upper left of the screen (you guys can't see it) and go to the post in question. Under the post where you guys see edit I have more options. One of them is "spam". If I click it, a window pops up with a bunch of checkboxes that say

    Delete Spammer's Threads
    Delete Spammer's Messages (deletes ALL their posts)
    Delete Conversations by Spammer (this would delete if the spammer had PMed a bunch of you)
    Ban Spammer
    Check Spammer's IP (this checks if anyone else has the same IP so I could look at those accounts)

    Those are all pre-checked. There's also an option to email the spammer and its pre-filled, basically saying you're content was deleted and you've been banned. If you think this was an error, click this link to contact an admin. That is not pre-checked as in a lot of cases you just want the spammer to go away.

    So basically after looking at a post and determining it is indeed spam, I click two buttons and the user and all their content are poof. Totally awesome.
  2. DYohn

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    That is cool. I'd report more posts but @LarryB isn't here very often. :)
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  3. Dan Driscoll

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    I like it, too. The only things I might change would be personal preference items, like the color. The blue/grey palette is OK, but I like bright colors. Then again, when X-windows added color capability I made the borders red and the field yellow, so I realize my color sense probably doesn't align with most others. ;)
  4. Chris Smith

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    CJ I like it so much I moved my clubs forum over to it. We had a bit of a spam problem in the beginning, too, but I enabled the sign up question (where the new user has to answer a question before they can register) and haven’t had one since.

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