Pet peeve: Fake service animals

Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by CJ, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. carlthess40

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    I see the abuse of the handicap spots all the time and I’ve even pointed this out to law enforcement that were sitting right there and they said there’s nothing they can do unless They see the person then they have no probable cause to asked them to match their drivers license with the permit
    the person‘s drivers license number is on the permit with the expiration date just
    It just baffles me that law-enforcement doesn’t do anything about it , but I know they have much more high-level concerns to deal with . but if one is just sitting in the car in the parking lot twiddling their thumbs
    I would think that he’s not doing much and he could address the issue
  2. Randy Rhoton

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    From facebook: pet peeves don't have vet bills.
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  3. Phil A

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    I've seen people park in handicapped spots with no sticker showing and the the sign notes the fine associated with abusing it and no ticket is given. It could be in some cases they forgot to take out the sticker but still why waste the money to paint and set aside those spots and put signs out if there is no consequence for not complying.
  4. GHilinski

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    A girl in work found it perfectly acceptable to use her emotional rescue dog to get an apartment. Oops, it is a pit bull. She lied about that too and said it was a lab mix. The sad thing it was not even her dog, it was her roommates dog that she always got stuck taking care of because the roommate travelled.
  5. DYohn

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    I think everyone should have a fake service animal, and then make their imaginary friend take it for walks.

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