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Discussion in 'DIY Lounge' started by Mike B, Feb 27, 2017.

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    And a new grill too.

    I tore down the old picnic table with the sunken recess for the Lodge hibachi that was a try at sit down and cook at the table Korean BBQ. It was nice, but had some problems like when the wind shifted and the smoke and heat blew in your face. I saved the plastic ends and made and shorter version, 4 feet long.


    4 feet was cool as 2x4's are 8 feet. 3 coats of paint and I moved it out to the deck where it sits next to the new gas grill. No, I haven't moved over to the "dark side", still have the egg and the 2 hibachis. But I tossed the double burner camp stove so I am now 1 propane burner down.


    The new CharBroil is pretty cool, very small 1 (13,000 BTU) burner infrared with this weird convoluted stainless steel grate.


    It also has this "infrared dome" right over the burner;


    The drippings drain on the dome from slits in the grate and "flavorize" the meat. It works too, not as good as charcoal, but way better than sousvide. But, how to do one of my favs, blackened fish that I used to do on the stove? Make a regular grate to hold the cast iron pan of course. And remove the dome so the flame heats it good and hot.


    This is a Weber charcoal grate with custom bent and brazed 1/8" thick steel legs to get it up higher.


    And this is a 14 inch Lodge heavy pan. Yeah Baby! I can almost smell the smoke when the buttered spiced fillets hit the hot iron. I had another idea too, pizza, so I bought a stone.


    I will remove the IR dome for the cast iron but leave it in place for the pizza as the stone is not rated for direct flame.

    C'mon Spring, we be ready - :)
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    "lookin good in the neighborhood"
  3. Mike B

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    First steak, a grocery NY prime, not charcoal good but very good indeed - :)

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