Nature knows best.

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    This is another step towards recognition that nature often does things for a reason and that we should think about why, before we automatically stop doing them or try to make them better.

    Another 'new/old' practice being encouraged now is to get the baby into the mother's hands, or at least into contact with her skin as quickly as possible. As in the delivering doctor or midwife hands the newborn to the mother as soon as it clears the birth canal. Dad can cut the cord while Mom is holding the infant. It turns out that new mothers release a lot of biological chemicals during and right after birth, all of which seem to be beneficial to the newborn. These include antibodies that protect against disease and allergies. They are also transferred via the mother's milk, which is another reason why babies who are breast fed are generally healthier and develop faster than bottle fed babies. Psychologically, the new mother and infant seem to bond faster and deeper the sooner they are in contact and have better success breast feeding.

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    The transfer of immunity from mother to child. - PubMed - NCBI
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    I read this same article over the weekend. Very interesting. As much as we're doing "wrong" I'm happy to see a bit of humility creeping into some areas of humanity.
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