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Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by Phil A, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Phil A

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  2. CJ

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    Can't get the video to load... how quick was he? I can do a rubik's cube consistently in 3-4 minutes (exact time is a little based on luck as sometimes you can skip a step). Speed cubers can do it in under a minute.
  3. Carl V

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    I've had patients who are speed cubers, Blind folded Cubers etc.,
    it's amazing
  4. CJ

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    Yeah, I get a kick out of being able to solve a cube but have no desire to learn everything that would be required to speed cube.
  5. Phil A

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    Try this link for it
  6. Chris Smith

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    About a year ago I taught myself one of the basic algorithmic ways to solve a Rubix cube because I always wanted to know how. Like CJ, 3 or so minutes is about how fast I usually do it in, and I don't really have the desire to figure out how to speed cube. Looks like he did it in about a minute, while falling out of a plane, crazy.
  7. CJ

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    Here's the basics in layman's terms

    Normal solve
    1) Daisy
    2) White cross
    3) Fix the white corners
    4) Solve the middle
    5) Yellow top
    6) Fix the top corners
    7) Fix the sides

    The first two are trivially easy
    3 involves knowing where to put the piece and then executing a 3 step algorithm
    4 involves replacing a top center with a side center. After you figure out which way you're going you have to execute a 8 move algorithm. But you have to know which way you're going and reverse the algorithm
    5 requires you to recognize several top patterns before you choose an algorithm. To solve this you need to to know two different algorithms, a 6 move and an 8 move and know when to do each and how to orient the cube.
    6 13 move algorithm to get the corners in the right place
    7 12 move algorithm to get the sides in the right place

    5,6, and 7 require you do the moves multiple times depending on where the pieces actually are.

    My point of all of this is that that is all relatively simple compared to speed cubing. The first two stages can hardly be called algorithms. So in reality, you need to know 6 algorithms with a max of 12-13 movies. To speed cube you may need to know 30-50 algorithms.

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