MCAS Beaufort Airshow, South Carolina

Discussion in 'The Photography Lounge' started by Jay Brown, May 1, 2017.

  1. Jay Brown

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    This was my first time using a Sigma 150-600 Lens. It's a big lens and takes some practice keeping the camera steady because of the added weight. Because I'm using a APS-C Nikon D3300, I have to take into account the Crop Factor with this lens, which is simply multiplying the focal length by 1.6. So I'm actually getting 960mm, but the the sharpest focus will be at the center of the sensor.





  2. Phil Rose

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  3. claud

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    If you took all those shots with that big MFing lens, your new screen name is Steady Freddie. VERY Nice!!
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  4. Jay Brown

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    Lol, the weight of the lens was my biggest fear. I have a ton of shots that we're blurry, and it wasn't because of the lens, it was the shutter speed as I was trying to snap shots of planes with Prop Blur. For a split second I attached my 55-300mm lens and could not believe how light it felt attached to my camera. I thought I had the 18-140 walk-around lens attached.

    What I really enjoyed at this event was the fact that I didn't have to stand in the front to snap pictures. I was in the middle of the crowd while there were a few professional photographers with huge lenses at the front.

    I kept the focal length between 400 and 500mm especially for prop planes, and used Shutter Priority mode.

    The jets, I moved my shutter speed to 800 and above, and because I know the Blue Angels performance like the back of my hand, there were some meneuvers where I just took my phone out and got a shot because the solos were moving too fast. Practice practice practice!

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    These are really great shots!
  6. Jay Brown

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    Thanks CJ. I could not help but be reminded of Allen's pictures of the Blue Angels he shared on here.
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  7. Jason Lorette

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    Well done! I've seen that green and blue plane at an air show before too...I may even have a shot of it. Planes are tough.
  8. Jay Brown

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    That's Gary Ward and he is 70 years old. The man is in great shape!

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