Longish video kind of going over my kit and why I recently decided not to change systems

Discussion in 'The Photography Lounge' started by CJ, Mar 23, 2017.

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    I watched this yesterday and love the bag, reminds me of the laptop bag I recently purchased. Seems you'll be sticking with Olympus for a while and, and you gave great reasons as to why you made this decision. I thought about switching Platforms myself (Nikon to Sony Mirrorless), but I'm going to stick with my current Nikon line up. I want to update to a Full Frame camera, a Nikon D600 or 610, but that's a big jump in price just for the body alone. Right now I'm very comfortable with learning and using the Nikon D3300 and I'll be attending an Airshow next weekend in Melbourne, Florida.

    Do you have a preference or a strong point regarding what types of pictures you take? Landscapes, Portraiture, Street Photography?

    One issue with the video, "audio was too low".
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    Thanks for watching and responding. I think ultimately, a big part was the old adage that the equipment is already probably superior to your capabilities, which it sounds like what you ended up settling on and not making a switch right now either.

    I would say I shoot mostly portraits, street, and artistic still life. I've never been into sports/action, landscape, etc.
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    I watched as well and thought it was generally well done. I agree with Jay about the bag; it's too small for my gear, but I still wanted it. ;)

    Ditto the low audio and I would suggests that you snag a small or tabletop tripod that will hold your iPhone or the camera for your future videos. :)
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    Thanks. I have a tripod and a gimbal for my iPhone. I was just lazy on this one. I really should figure out how to sync up audio so I can use the mic I already purchased. I had one failed attempt and haven't tried it since.

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