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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Drew Mitten, May 9, 2007.

  1. BrandonH

    BrandonH New Member

    Hi, I am Brandon Hughes from Lynchburg, Virginia. I work in IT as a System Administrator. Basically I work on the classified system of a couple dozen newspapers. I have been into HT since I was High School and I am patiently waiting for a decent Blu Ray player to drop down to a little more so I can become format neutral.
  2. Karl Englebright

    Karl Englebright New Member

    Well, a little late to this thread but what the heck...

    I'm Karl from Vancouver, Washington. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, but living in the Northwest since graduating from college in 1984. I also work in IT, and I am the network infrastructure Manager for a company that makes railcars. I'm 44 and I am married to my awesome wife Dana, and have a great 13 yo daughter, Emily. I have been into HT since early 1998 when I had to travel 10 miles to the only store that was selling and renting DVD's, and most receivers didn't have DTS built-in.
  3. jhoak

    jhoak Active Member War Zone Member

    OK... Better late than never I guess...

    Greetings all?

    My name is Jeff. I?m employed by a trucking company. My ?official? title is Technical Services Director. What that actually means is that if it runs on electricity I?m responsible for it. I asked for the title to be Director of Information & Technical Services because I thought ?DITS? would look good on a business card ;) but our CFO (Chief F@#K Off) vetoed that. Oh well? My formal training is as a Network Engineer although I don?t really get to spend much time with the nuts-n-bolts of the network here. As a direct result of WAY too many hours in class and taking tests I have the ability to sting a fair portion of the alphabet behind my name. I tell folks that all of those letters and a dollar bill can buy me a bad cup of coffee at the local 7-11.

    I moved to Florida with my family in 73 and have been in the Lake Wales area pretty much ever since. When I say ?Central Florida? in a forum profile I?m not kidding. It just don?t get much more ?central? than Lake Wales.

    I blame my late cousin for my gear addiction. In 70 or 71 he let me play with his McIntosh ? Revox - Dahlquist audio system and it was all over but the crying. It was he who hooked me up with my first Marantz receiver, Nakamichi cassette deck and Dual turntable. I was 16 at the time. In the 33 years since my love of the sounds generated by all of these techno-toys has not diminished in the least.

    I?m coming up hard on the big 5-0 (next January), the father of one 23 year old son and currently single although I am actively searching for the next Ex - Mrs. Hoak. Actually I?m really hoping that should I be blessed with another Mrs. Hoak she never becomes an Ex.

    I currently enjoy a decent HT system although it?s not NEAR what I?d like it to be. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) I don?t have the financial means to take the HT as far as I?d like to. That?s probably a good thing as my current accommodations just don?t allow me to go crazy.

    I?m a bit of a D-I-Y?er. My main speakers are a set of Adire HE10-1s with a custom built HE8-1 center. For the money it?s hard to beat the HE10-1s. I still enjoy them as much today as when I first built them. Once I?m completely settled in to my new digs and get my tablesaw and other power tools moved from the old place I?m going to try my hand at a D-I-Y turntable. I have in my possession most of a badly damaged Music Hall MMF-5 (thanks for nothing UPS) and a Rega tonearm that really needs come together just so. The plans have been floating around in my head for months now. I?ll post pictures of the process and the outcome when it comes to fruition.
  4. Colton

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    If I could start all over again I would definately learn carpentry as a trade. I wish I took a vocational school to learn the basics. Carpentry and auto mechanics. That's all the skills you need in life, I guess.
  5. John Celardo

    John Celardo Well-Known Member Donor

    There are a couple more necessities. You have to flush the toilet (plumbing), and turn on the lights, or the HT gear (electrical). :wink:
  6. matts

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    Hey Guys. I'm live out here in Sacto, CA as a application admin, metric reporting guy for the Help Desk and desktop group of BSC. Introduced to this site by Drew,(CJ's brother). I can say I used to be more into home theater like 5 years ago but since I bought my Marantz SR8000 and my Energy e:xl-28p's (L,R) , AC-300 (C) and Take2 surrounds my kid changed everything. My TV is old technology nowadays since it is a Sony 36" Grand Wega, but in 2001 it was the best picture out there that was affordable (under $2k). I don't watch as many movies as I want but I can say that Incredibles, Cars, Flushed away, Bionicle sound and look great. (Did I mention I have a 4 year old boy?) I have been able to enjoy the Lord of the Rings series in full sound glory as well.
  7. CJ

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    Top Poster Of Month

    Welcome. Yeah, you'll get a lot of animation movies under your belt I suspect.

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