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    I'm not sure if anyone cares, but semi industry trends are indicitive of the economy overall and do show the impact of our HT hobby. The following are a few statements from industry watchdog and analysis group VLSI Research,

    2017 was the highest revenue year on record, up 24% from 2016. 2018 is predicted to be another 18% up overall, but slowing by 2019 and perhaps contracting slightly. A general slowing of the industry is predicted because of the US Government ending QE (quantitative easing, a monetary policy that generally stimulates investment.)

    Significant semiconductor growth was driven by:
    Rising PC demand
    Memory, including SSDs
    Flat panel LCD
    LED lighting technology, especially in Europe
    The IoT (Internet of Things)
    Automotive electronics and autonomous vehicles
    artificial intelligence/machine learning
    cryptocurrency mining (the specialized chips required accounted for just less than $1 billion in 2017, and demand is growing to $400M per quarter)
    eSports and competitive gaming, which require faster computers and game consoles

    Segments in decline:
    Tablets and hand held devices
    Smart phones
    Consumer electronics such as audio equipment and kitchen appliances
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    SSD sizes have increased but slower than I expected after it reached 500Gb, and prices have not come down much either.

    MicroSD card prices have increased - I bought a 128Gb Samsung Evo 2 years ago for $18.00 the same is now about $38.00.

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