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Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by CJ, May 10, 2017.

  1. capsuleri

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    I have both in vinyl. I bought the Telarc 1812 as soon as it came out, circa 1979-80 I think. Most TT arms would simply jump off the cannon shot grooves, which as I described it then as Boston streets after the spring thaw. I played the LP recently I had to turn down the sub-woofer volume the voice coil was hitting its limits. Subwoofer if calibrated well should not be heard under normal music listening conditions.

    Boston Pops with Arthur Fiedler July 4 concert at the hatch shell, the finale, 1812 with real cannons and fire works over the Charles River was the place to be in the 1970s when I was there. Specially if you could be on a boat in the water.
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  2. John Celardo

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    I've gone to Tanglewood on Parade for the last few years, and the last piece is always the 1812 with cannons and fireworks. There are three orchestras on stage at the same time for the finale including the Tanglewood Festival, Boston Symphony and the Pops. My standing joke which always draws an eye-roll from Maureen: there's always room for cello! I'd love to have a recording of one of these.
  3. When is the next system profile needed? I have new gear on order and could put something together when it arrives, if you need another system.
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  4. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    It will be in 2-3 weeks. I usually work on the newsletter the first weekend of each month so its not set to come out a certain day. The hold up has historically been picking the monthly movie drawing and getting the system of the month materials... so to the extent you can send me something early it would be awesome!
  5. Tex Thai

    Tex Thai Member

    So C J, do you want me to hold off for another month then?
    I can do it whenever you want.
    God Bless,
  6. My new gear arrives tomorrow. I'll take some photos of my room and write something up and send it to you directly, use when you need it. I won't be offended if it doesn't make the next round. :) Sounds like perhaps Tex Thai is up next?
  7. Tex Thai

    Tex Thai Member

    Hey guys, thanks Travis, I am happy to have you go first too. I am in no rush.
    Whatever you guys decide I am happy with.
    God Bless,
  8. I just posted a full thread in the Picture Show forum, if you want to create a short version of that for whatever newsletter goes out, have at it!
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  9. Tex Thai

    Tex Thai Member

    Please go on Travis, CJ, let him have this month and IF you don't mind, I can do next month?
    I need to do an improvement too. Gives me time.
    Thanks, God Bless,
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  10. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    That sounds like a great plan!
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  11. Tex Thai

    Tex Thai Member

    Hey Guys and Girls,
    If I may, I will still add a System of the Month here. When we built this house in Northern Thailand we had a home theater room built in. I had it "sunken", you step down to enter, MISTAKE as it has flooded a couple of times. Running the wires in conduit in the floor, under the concrete made a natural way for water to come in during the monsoon season. Oh well. Also the builder did not understand my dimensions so it came out small, 13.5' W x 18' L x 10' H. TV.jpg wide.jpg sub behind.jpg

    It is normally exceptionally dark, so it was hard to open it up and take pics you can see.
    My equipment list:
    Samsung 64 inch Plasma TV
    Logitech 1100 Univ Remote Control
    GoldenEar Technology Triton Ones FL&R
    GET SC-X Center
    GET Triton Twos Surrounds
    GET Triton Threes Rears
    SVS SB16 Ultra Sub
    Emotiva XMC-1 7.1 Pre-processor
    Oppo BDP 95 D Blu-ray and all discs
    Jolida JD-100A Tubed CD player
    Vincent SP T-800 Hybrid Power monoblocks FL&R
    Vincent SP T-100 Hybrid Power monoblock Center
    Bel Canto eVo 6, 4 ch.bridged for Surrounds
    IQ Audio M300 monoblocks for Rears
    Vincent KHV-1 Headphone amp for HiFiMan HE-400i cans
    Magnet IRG 2000s Power Conditioner
    Cowon Plenue M2 DAP with EarTech Quad ciems for personal listening

    I love to watch and listen to Concerts on Blu-rays, love surround sound music and movies.
    My system sounds really wonderful, was not nearly as expensive as a LOT of them out there, but is way more expensive and awesome than most people can afford or have access to. So I feel VERY blessed indeed.
    Any questions please ask,
    God Bless,
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  12. Phil A

    Phil A Active Member Top Poster

    Wayne - Great looking room and system!
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  13. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    Thanks for posting your system Wayne! Looks fantastic!
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  14. claud

    claud Well-Known Member Donor

    Very nice system, Wayne. Its nice to have a dedicated room for your HT.
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  15. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    I forget, do you have LFE running to ALL of those Tritons?
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  16. Tex Thai

    Tex Thai Member

    Thanks guys for the kind comments!!! They are well appreciated.
    I have been "into" stereo and music for a long time, have had some sort of home theater for well over a decade, but when we built this house/home, it was time to build a dedicated home theater room, with its own dedicated circuits, 2 x 20 amp. I had the thing to set my TV on top with the space for the Center under the TV and shelves for all the equipment (no idea what to call it) built to my spec around 12-14 years ago, made with steel and granite, heavy as can be. Cannot give it up. But it cannot be moved, so finding a house plan that allowed for access to the back of that thing, through a hole some where which would not be noticed or an eye sore was a HUGE problem. My wife and I finally drew up these plans and that access hole is under the stairs. And I wanted it sunken, I have always enjoyed sunken dens and family rooms, seemed some how more special to step down into one. Little did I know what these two rooms would flood.
    C J I ran LFE signal wires to the F L&R Triton Ones and to the side surround Triton Twos, but did not run them to the rear Triton Threes (originally there were Triton 7s back there, with no sub). I had a ForceField 5 in the middle rear, but changed it out for a SVS SB16 Ultra, so basically there is bass coming from almost all around, just not front/center.
    There are no plans at all for ATMOS as I cannot see running more wires to ceiling speakers, and frankly in 7.1 or whatever it is now the sound is so immersive and wonderful I just cannot see the need. Same with the TV, I have seen UHD TVs with HDR and frankly they are only a fractional improvement over my plasma, IMHO. So this baby will have to die before I replace it with 4K, heck, not even convinced that 4K will ever really take off, unless the prices come down a LOT.
    Talked too much, thanks for the encouragement guys.
    Wish you could see and hear a movie here. OR a Blu-ray concert, even better!!!!
    God Bless,
  17. Jake Tillerson

    Jake Tillerson New Member

    Great set up! I like this idea of seeing into other people's home theater rooms or set ups. It helps get the creative juices flowing for when I redo mine!

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