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Discussion in 'TV Land' started by Troy Seufert, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Drew

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    Depends on if winds of winter is the last..... and if martin actually finishes a fucking book.

    Yes I know for HBO they'll do their own thing. For the most part they already are.
  2. CJ

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    My coworker said the producers confirmed there are '15 episodes left, max."
  3. Jason Lorette

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    15 episodes...they better ALL be like the last two from this season then. Would be unfortunate if we only got one more season out of this.
  4. Drew

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    Well, I'd hate to disappoint everyone.

    So Miguel, who directed the last two Eps this season is NOT slated to direct any for season 7. Mylod, who directed mostly shitty episodes, include Ep 8 "No One" will be directing for season 7. Mylod has shown he knows fuck-all about the characters, or doesn't care.

    Also, FTFA:

  5. CJ

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    After throwing a twitter shitstorm last night I was able to watch S7:E1 about 45 minutes after airtime. I'll be contacting DirecTV Now this morning for a partial credit. I love how these companies pre-schedule tweets for big events and then crash and no one is responding to the their twitter account getting lit the fuck up for several hours. Probably their social team was all at home watching Game of Thrones on cable.

    I thought it was a solid first episode.

    Sir Eddard of house Sheeran did completely pull me out of the moment. Didn't ruin anything but what a bonehead move. My sister and I both had trouble not gagging with the bedpan and "soup" montage. The cold open with Arya as Walder was B.A.D. A.S.S.!!! As was Lyanna Mormont's (the little lady) moment. I read some blowback on social media that this episode was all forced feminism and people were pissed. Although Arya's revenge, Lyanna's speech, and Dany's landing were focal points, I can't say I can relate since none of it was jarring nor forced to me in the least while I was watching.
  6. DYohn

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    I agree. But "forced feminism"?? What a load of crap. That must have been said by either someone who has not been following the show or by some self-appointed anti-PC Nazi with their head up their ass. Plenty of those on teh Interwebz of course.
  7. CJ

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    It definitely feels more like that.
  8. Jay Brown

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    I signed up for a free month of HBO Now to see what the hype was all about, for I've never watched an episode of GOT. I also signed up for a 7 day trial of HBO Go via Playstation Vue, but after discovering that the Premier of Season 7 was available on HBO Now, I'll be removing "Go" from the channel lineup. I just started Episode 1 of Season 2. It's interesting thus far, and I'll continue to watch. As others told me, watching the season premier will have me lost. I don't know about all of the politics going on at this moment in time, but it was just as interesting to watch blindly.
  9. Jay Brown

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    I'm on season 3, but watching the current season as well, and I can now understand why this season has a much faster pace compared to earlier ones. The books are not complete so story lines are not related. It appears that this season is more intense, as the case with the last couple of episodes. Sequences that would usually take days, are not made up in hours. Nevertheless, I'm definitely entertained by this season, although I'm slow to understand what is really going on. So back to the earlier seasons I go.
  10. Dustin B

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  11. Tom Morvolo Riddle

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    Oh you should keep watching and know the brutality that is known as George R.R. Martin.
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