Grado SR60 circumaurial mod

Discussion in 'DIY Lounge' started by Dustin B, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Dustin B

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    I've had these SR60s sitting in a drawer for years now. They're very fun to listen to but I could only ever wear them for 20-30 min before they started hurting my ears. Decided I wanted some headphones to use while watching tv and everyone else is in bed. Since I have a 3d printer, I ordered up some replacement ear pads:

    Then quickly modelled up an adapter bracket that would fit into the groove the supra-aurial foam it comes with does.


    Two prints with slight modification between them and I have one side looking good while the other side prints.

    Will try them out as is. If they work well I'll add the threaded brass inserts and get the two halves screwed tightly together and call it finished until I get some tweaks made to the printer and it really dialed in for petg and print some new black brackets. 2a836632070324d46804f13e97ad86ba.jpg
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  2. CJ

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    I had a pair of SR60s and this described my experience to a T. Most uncomfortable headphone I've ever owned. Horrible hotspot from the band and crushed my ears. I found them a few years ago in a bin and threw them away because everything was deteriorated. Glad you found a solution.
  3. Denton

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    I see a side biz for Dustin. You guys are not the only ones to complain of this issue.
  4. Dan Driscoll

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    Just proves everyone is different. I used to wear my SR-60's a lot, especially at work where I was in an open bay. I was able to wear them for hours in comfort, with the volume just loud enough to mask the noise from the bay, but I could still hear if my phone rang or someone called my name. They were the only cans I've every been able to wear for long periods. On the down side, the sound qaulity was OK, but not great.

    My Prosone 650's sound much, much better, but I can't wear them for more than an hour before they became painful. Not the sound, but physically crushing my ears. They are are also pretty heavy.
  5. Denton

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    Dan, I'm stunned. You, sir, must be THE one they designed the SR-60's for. Here's hoping you get the sound quality AND the comfort you deserve. Heck, I hope we all get that.

    Mebbe I shouldn't use the word "deserve". :(
  6. John F

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