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    I pulled the trigger on the 5" 64 gig Pixel 2 and the Google Home mini to replace my Amazon Echo Dot.
    They will ship around the 21st of October.

    I bought the phone unlocked to continue to use it with Straight Talk, but you can purchase it locked into Verizon's network as well.

    My Nvidia Shield had an update last week which added Google Home to the interface. While everything works fine, the 2015 Controller does not have an "always on" listening feature, as is the case with the 2017 controller. So I have to use the controller constantly if I want to use Google Assistant along with the Shield. Since the Google Home Mini us being released, I could still be hands-free like the Echo Dot, but now with Google Services. Both the controller and Mini are priced about the same.

    I don't have a dependency on Headphones and this phone does not come with a headphone jack. I never used it on any of my phones, so it's not a feature I will miss, but this to be a huge complaint, is a bit over-exaggerated IMO.

    I will be using my LG G5 for Android Auto in my Car, as was the case with my Nexus 5.
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    Phone arrived but the Google Home Mini may have been stolen. Received confirmation from FedEx that the package was delivered but found nothing at my door or around the area. Contacted FedEx and Google and Google kindly gave me a refund. I also forgot about a promotion I received a week after I ordered the Pixel 2 regarding receiving a free Google Home Mini with a purchase of the phone, so that will save me 50 bucks.

    About the phone, I'm actually losing screen real estate compared to the LG G5, quite surprising. The phone was very simple to set up and I used the provided usb type-c cable to connect the Pixel and G5 to transfer data. This took approximately 10 minutes.

    Setting up the Sim card was a breeze, for the APN settings for Straight Talk we're already configured in the phone. The LG G5 is a gsm phone that was originally on T-Mobile's network but when I moved to Straight Talk, I used an AT&T chip instead. Since the move I always had data issues including sending and receiving mms messages on the G5. This appears to be no longer the case with the Pixel 2.

    I'm not bothered by the lack of a headphone jack or no ability to expand storage space. This phone comes with 64gigs of storage and the majority of my pictures are located through the Google photos service, or Adobe Creative Cloud. I haven't had time to take any photos with the phone but that should be interesting.

    I haven't had the phone long enough to take it around different areas and test it's battery performance but I have the weekend for that.

    This isn't the Pixel 2 XL which gets more attention, and the standard Pixel catches hell for the large bezels at the top and bottom of the phone, but I'm not that nitpicky about my devices.

    Other than the smaller screen size, I'm quite happy with the phone, and the fact that I'm now getting full data services via At&T omits some stress. I couldn't use T-Mobile in many areas, but the coverage with At&T is much better in my area.

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    First day using the Pixel 2 at work. After 4 hours of mild use, similar to my G5, I'm at 94%. That's highly impressive.

    My Google Home Mini arrived this weekend. It was sent to the wrong address. My Neighbor was out of town for a few days and she had it all along.

    The Home Mini is very "google-centric" and does not Gel all too well with my Nvidia Shield. As of now, most of the support gears towards my Chromecast Ultra, so If I say "Ok Google, watch Cheers on Netflix.", the Chromecast Ultra will load an Episode of Cheers on Netflix. If I want to watch it on the Shield, I have to use the Shield's controller. So, there's an obvious disconnected regarding the control of "Google" devices. Netflix Support for the Shield is coming according to what I've read, and it's no biggie for now.

    While there is Harmony Hub support without using IFTTT as a "middle man", the phrase "Ok Google, tell Harmony to turn on the TV" is a bit too much. Via IFTTT, I could just say, "OK Google, turn on TV/Oppo/Stereo", and those commands will perform depending on which device I want to use.

    Another good thing about the Pixel 2 was that it was able to power up my Meridian Audio Explorer 2 DAC without the need of an extra adapter. This phone has no Headphone Jack, but with the USB-C adapter that comes with the phone, I was able to connect my Headphones and Schiit Headphone Amp with ease. I was rather impressed with the audio coming from my Flac Library. Some songs had elements that I could not hear or focus on with my G5. I actually connected my G5 to the DAC/Headphone amp and there was an obvious difference in tonal quality. Steely Dan's "Aja" is alway my goto album and I've always enjoyed the audio quality of many Steely Dan productions. Simple incredible. I have 2 mqa files that I listened to, but again, I could not really hear that much of a difference in sound, so revisiting Tidal is still a "maybe".

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    Another update: This phone seems to have improved the performance of my Huawei Smartwatch. It's at 91 percent after 7 hours, which means fewer hours on the charger now.
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    Google Lens, the new AI Feature for Pixel Devices in which you can snap a photo of an Item, and Google will perform a search for you. Take a picture of a Book, and it will tell you where you can find or purchase it.

    Well, it works fine for books, but when it comes to random objects, it's another story.

    I snapped a picture of an Air Humidifier, and Google Lens reported back to me that it was a Projector. I snapped a photo of a bottle of Dawn Liquid Soap, it reported back to me as a bottle. An old school typewriter, it didn't recognize it. A Chomebook, Google Chrome Browser.

    So yea it needs work to say the least.

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