GONE. MIT avt series S1 mono sub speaker cable

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    I have 2 MIT avt series S1 speaker cables. These are just a single cable.
    One is 14’ long and new in the box
    Asking 275.00

    The other one is a MIT avt1 and it’s 48’ long
    Yes that’s 48 feet long cable
    Asking 475
    Both of these cables are new in the box
    Never been used, only pulled out of the box years ago and never hooked them up
    Free shipping and no PP fees 566ca8d9b0ec50820307c20551592a7e.jpg d0db6b4080e3b34509db9c3b1fe50bd8.jpg 10b3d52e24090a74188d113aa3f5769d.jpg 7b25e1ef2e44daec3e8ed76194abb831.jpg 16065a70d1dcfece44af404f02b81012.jpg 8e529b7232e6b06a70d6e072a2804cbc.jpg cf997e3c942b60ef2cf0477516ef6149.jpg

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