Cutting the cord?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by John F, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Me too. Every time I open the DirecTV NOW app, it reminds me of why I cancelled satellite in the first place. So much nothing on.

    I continue to pay the $35/month because it's a good deal, and it's nice to have legitimate logins for the various provider apps. I can watch my live sports, and I use the AppleTV's TV app to act as a DVR for all of the shows I like to watch from the various provider apps. Works really well, I just wish they'd add Netflix to it.

    Picked up the iPhone X when it came out and switched to AT&T. Was told I'd be able to take another $25 off my DTVNOW, but was misinformed. $10/month would've been sweet for 100 channels. But it does give me the free HBO even after the initial offer ends, so that'll save me $5/mo.
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    I'm going to try out Direct TV Now for a month. The Selection with Sling had me going back and forth between the Orange and Blue Packages. I stayed away from DTV Now because there's no Android TV app available that works. I side-loaded the Android version made for Tablets, but the video is poor and Choppy. Right now I cast the service from my phone to my Chromecast Ultra and the Video quality is much better. The monthly price is the same as what I was paying for Playstation Vue before the price Hike so that's a good thing. If and when there's an app available for Android TV, I'll use that, but for now Casting the service to my Chromecast Ultra is fine.

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