Cutting the cord?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by John F, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Me too. Every time I open the DirecTV NOW app, it reminds me of why I cancelled satellite in the first place. So much nothing on.

    I continue to pay the $35/month because it's a good deal, and it's nice to have legitimate logins for the various provider apps. I can watch my live sports, and I use the AppleTV's TV app to act as a DVR for all of the shows I like to watch from the various provider apps. Works really well, I just wish they'd add Netflix to it.

    Picked up the iPhone X when it came out and switched to AT&T. Was told I'd be able to take another $25 off my DTVNOW, but was misinformed. $10/month would've been sweet for 100 channels. But it does give me the free HBO even after the initial offer ends, so that'll save me $5/mo.
  2. Jay Brown

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    I'm going to try out Direct TV Now for a month. The Selection with Sling had me going back and forth between the Orange and Blue Packages. I stayed away from DTV Now because there's no Android TV app available that works. I side-loaded the Android version made for Tablets, but the video is poor and Choppy. Right now I cast the service from my phone to my Chromecast Ultra and the Video quality is much better. The monthly price is the same as what I was paying for Playstation Vue before the price Hike so that's a good thing. If and when there's an app available for Android TV, I'll use that, but for now Casting the service to my Chromecast Ultra is fine.
  3. Jay Brown

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    Revisiting this thread again. After 2 and a half months I've decided to drop Direct TV now and move to Youtube TV. Youtube TV recently added Turner Channels such as TBS and TNT, and while I don't need them, three local stations are also available. One thing I did notice is that for some of the On Demand programming, Multi-Channel audio, rather than a simple 2-channel audio configuration is available. It causes havoc to my Oppo 203, as my Nvidia Shield is attached to its HDMI Input. Video Quality is exceptional and rivals that of Playstation Vue.

    It appears that some live and On Demand programming is streaming at 1920x1080@30.

    The App itself is very similar to the Youtube App for Android TV so navigation is pretty familiar.

    S0 far, so good, looking forward to trying out this service.
  4. Steve Wright

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    For me YouTube still can't touch DTVN for me. YouTube is still missing Scripps, Discovery, A&E, Viacom, local Networks and RSN's for a higher price than I am paying now. The PQ on DTVN is still better than any streaming service I have tried. Multi-channel audio is appearing on the DTVN beta app along with 1080p video on live channels.
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    After a less than great trial with DirecTvNow, I'm signed with Sling for the next 2 months. Not terribly elegant. A second Roku is on its way today. I'll likely move to YouTube next.
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    why not cut yourself off for 1-3 months.
    Books, DVDs/BD. Music, Conversation.....
    then slowly reintroduce what is essential.

    My house is retro now...
    no wifi etc.,
    drives friends and family nuts.
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    Dear lord, we'd hafta talk. :eek:
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  8. guy

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    I use a box Called streamstation. Kodi I can stream whatever I want through internet. anything!!! it will send dolby signal to the receiver and dts.. Live tv, 4k movies sometimes HDR 10. Its a beast
  9. Dustin B

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    Don't Buy This Box! StreamSmart S4 and PRO

    The pro mentioned in this review from 2016 appears to have the same specs as the st1 currently on their site. And worse than that they advertise for becoming a reseller where you'll make 3500-15000 a month on their main page.

    Would be way better off spending half on an Nvidia Shield.
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  11. GHilinski

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    I think I am stuck with cable for now. Direct TV and OTA did not work for me because I live in a hilly region where most signals are blocked. I do want to look at moving to a lower package with Frontier. I just do not use HBO and Cinemax that much anymore and have been using more Apple TV and On Demand for movies. I do need to look into a different provider. Frontier is just so slow on my street so streaming is a bit of a pain.

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