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Component Video switcher (Zektor HDS4)

Discussion in 'For Sale/Trade Lounge (members)' started by Bent, May 26, 2017.

  1. Bent

    Bent Active Member War Zone Member

    4 input/1 output component video switcher, learning IR type (use your original remote), coax digital to toslink optical conversion.
    9/10 condition.
    50 dollars US, plus shipping.

    I'm finally all HDMI.
  2. Dan Driscoll

    Dan Driscoll HTT Refugee Donor War Zone Member

    I can attest to the quality of this switcher, I had the same model for several years.
  3. DustinDavis

    DustinDavis Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    All HDMI over here. Though I miss the days of custom-making my coax/component cables.
  4. Ken McDaniel

    Ken McDaniel Active Member War Zone Member

    Ah yes. I just remember using WTB for ends and maybe Cardas cable in between? I haven't made a cable since 2005.
  5. DustinDavis

    DustinDavis Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    Canare crimper.
  6. Phil A

    Phil A Active Member Top Poster

    I still have at least a few Canare component cables. In the old house before I finished the basement, I chopped apart a column in the grand room and ran Canare cables down, over the basement ceiling and to the other side of the room.
    VA House Grand Rm.jpg
  7. Bent

    Bent Active Member War Zone Member

    My component cables were always linear crimped (not radial) RCA ensds onto RG-6 or RG59 dependent on how flexible they needed to be.
    If RG-6 was good enough for a 2.0 plus Ghz satellite signal, it would be cood enough for component video.
  8. Bent

    Bent Active Member War Zone Member


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