Broadband prices may double!

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  1. capsuleri

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    Get ready for home internet prices to double

    "The read-between-the-lines conclusion here is that cable companies will start leaning more heavily on broadband as a revenue generator, as cable packages start to decline —" excerpted from the story.
  2. CJ

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    Well maybe bundles will stay lower in price then. I cut the cord and went back because the OTT service was so shitty and unreliable.
  3. Andrew Pratt

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    This was never in doubt.
  4. Drew

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  5. CJ

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    What we need is a service that takes all these different web services like Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Crackle, HBO Go, etc. and puts them all together for one price. And make a box where you just have a couple buttons that you push to change what you're watching like you're on Amazon and you just push up and its on Netflix now. That would be revolutionary.
  6. Mike B

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    I think that's why AT&T wanted me to shunt the TV to direct and unload the internet.
  7. Blake

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    CJ, check out Caavo. It’s not shipping. It’s only been demoed to journalists under tight constraints. But it does just that apparently.

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