Bottlehead Stereomour

Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by Mike B, Apr 20, 2013.

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    Enjoyed rereading this thread. Getting into 2A3 sound myself. Not building mine. I have to wait a year for handmade headphone amp. It does have a driver and an input tube. So far I have 2 pair of RCA 2A3s and one pair of Sylvania 2A3s on order from Italy. Two RCA 5U4G rectifiers and a Sylvania one and two U52 rectifiers. For input tubes I have two Super Cyro 6N1P-EV Voshod and as a substitute, 6Bq7As by RCA, Sylvania and Raytheon/Japan. I think I am done buying NOS. Present manufactured 2A3s are supposed to be superior. How come you haven't tried any Asian 2A3s?? EML and Sophia are supposed to be good too.
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    I did, I tried those Full Music mesh plates which sounded like crap pic'ed on the previous page.

    I'm good with the EH gold grids, they sound better than Sovtecs which is what Bottlehead ships with.

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