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Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by CJ, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. CJ

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    Thanks guys. I was out today at the Iowa state fair with my family and didn't check in (as it should be). I appreciate the sentiments expressed.

    I'll repeat I have no desire to shit the doors. I just wanted to explain why I was backing off the "promotion" activities.

    We can try moving the chat. Wednesday night actually isn't the best for me either. If it doesn't work, no big deal.
  2. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    Don't shit the doors, I hate it when that happens. Bad enough when you shit your pants, easier to clean.

    You got it right anyway. This is HTL, Home Theater Lounge. Kick back, have a cocktail and shoot the shit. Chew the rag.

    Yup. Everyone knows your name.
  3. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Shit the doors? What did Jimmy ever do to you?
  4. Mikael Soderholm

    Mikael Soderholm Active Member Donor

    Agree with all you guys, especially Dan's remark about 'your neighborhood bar', I like that feeling that although I am on a different continent, it feels like I know you guys, and can pop in for a friendly chat.
    Bigger is not necessarily better.

    Thanks for all your work on this forum, CJ.
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  5. murrayb

    murrayb Active Member War Zone Member

    Pretty much agree with all of the comments above. While I don't post a lot, I usually check out the site two or three times a day.
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  6. jasn

    jasn Well-Known Member Donor Top Poster

    I'll jump on the pile here (not the one on the doors) to support all the good feedback for CJ and the state of HTL. We all see this as a unique place and at times I take for granted the amount of energy that goes in to running it. Good for you CJ for trying to grow the site and increasing the member list. If you didn't put in the monster effort you might have regretted it.

    I'm feeling I likely added to the flame-out a bit because a few months back (in the middle of CJ's effort) I started a concept to establish a listening group but pulled back because I didn't think I could dedicate the needed time to make it work. Besides, we have several music listening-related threads that have maybe a 1/2 dozen dedicated participants. We all know what music we like and how to find it. If someone wants suggestions for new tunes just go to the Spin List and Randon Song Posts threads, "Like" a post and put one up of your own.

    Maybe using the "Like" tag more often would be good in all threads? Positive feedback works wonders to encourage more posts.
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  7. Randy Rhoton

    Randy Rhoton Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member

    Do what to gotta do to keep your sanity. If cutting back will help, so be it. I've tried to bring in new people, but I'm the only person I know who's into HT, the rest just buy a big tv and watch it. They don't give a hoot about all the extra stuff that we do. And a few in my age bracket don't really understand all the new tech. Myself included. I seldom go onto youtube and usually only cause someone sends me a link to a video. I stopped posting on FB back in January. I look at it but am getting close to stop following more than a few "friends" because they only post politics. Not the place for it IMO. There are plenty of political forums for that. I did join AVS some years ago, but have made perhaps 4 posts. Too crowded over there. Until reading your lead post I had not heard of HTF. In person I don't like crowds, and avoid them wherever possible. I always wait for them to die down before going to a theater. This place is small and friendly, and I like it. Perhaps it should stay that way.
  8. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith Well-Known Member

    CJ, as one of the inactive members that's come back due to your PM, I just wanted to let you know that it did reach at least one person! But I agree, removing the drawings and other promos make sense.

    I'm glad HtL is still around since I've been talking to you guys since I was buying a Home theater in a box for my college dorm room, 15+ years ago (first on HTF, then HTT, now here) I'm really happy that I'm back reading and posting some again, and that so many familiar faces are around still, even though a bunch of familiar faces are missing.
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  9. Tex Thai

    Tex Thai Member

    Well CJ, you are doing a great job, hang in there.
    I spend MUCH more time of the Facebook than here, it has pics of my grand kids, family and friends. As for Home Theater I am most active on the GoldenEar Technology forum, where I feel I MIGHT be able to help someone put together a good system, or steer some folks toward good music or movies. I am here from meeting you there and because of your invitation to check it out here. This s a good site, thanks for that!!!!
    I suppose I could still turn on some lights, take some pics and post a small write up on my theater, it doesn't have to be part of any system of the month? It is just that the term "of the month" has had a ring to it ever since I was a teenager!!!!
    God Bless,
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  10. John Celardo

    John Celardo Well-Known Member Donor

    I was at the Jersey Shore for the weekend and missed this. Everyone has said what I'm feeling already, so I won't rehash. CJ, we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude for rescuing us when Mike decided to close HTT. Thanks to you and all the rest of you, I went from a 19" TV, and a VCR, to a nice movie viewing and listening room.

    I'd say we're all way more than friends. A quick review of the Private Forum shows how dependent we all are on each other. We share very personal feelings and events with each other, that we might not reveal to anyone else. We're actually a kind of all-male family. Where's Susan??? I truly believe Artie lived a lot longer than he might have were it not for you and this group, Larry especially.

    Anyway, I hope you work this out CJ, so HTL isn't a burden to you. I had the privilege to meet you a couple of times, first with Larry at Bosendorfer, then again at Birdland. I'v also hung out with a bunch of members at the meet-ups at Arties. I hope you can manage to keep the doors open, but if you can't, you have my gratitude for ten great years.
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  11. CJ

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    John, thank you for the kind words. I'll reiterate that HTL isn't causing me stress and I don't feel any need to shutter the place. I simply realized that much of my recent additional efforts were not producing the desired results so I was just going to stop those activities. There was some frustration involved which you can see in the emotion of my post but please don't misread that as giving up altogether.

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  12. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    You know what's cool, CJ, is that this is one of the few forums I know about where a group of people with similar interests but with very different backgrounds and opinions can for the most part tolerate each other and stay friends. I am probably as guilty as most if not more so of keeping the snark level high sometimes,. but even though you are from Iowa and live in Nebraska you let me remain. Thanks man! :cool::p
  13. capsuleri

    capsuleri Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    Very appropriate description!
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  14. Jason Lorette

    Jason Lorette Active Member

    Hey it was this place that got me to hop in my car, by myself, and drive to Conneticut from Canuckistan's East Coast to spend a weekend at Artie's house (whom I agree John, lived longer because of this place) and met many of the regulars here...that is an experience I won't ever forget...nor them marvelling at my 'studded tires'.
    I'm in one "group" on Facebook for creatives, it has over 75,000 members...talk about getting lost in the sea of voices.

    CJ, don't stress, what will happen will happen...but many in here will always remember HTT & HTL fondly...I'll be here as often as life allows.


    PS> I noticed the moderator title was gone :p
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  15. GHilinski

    GHilinski Active Member War Zone Member

    First of all, thank you CJ for putting a ton of effort into this site. It is a valued source of insight and experience into a very complex world of audio and video experience. I've learned a lot and made some buying decisions based on some of the posts I have read here. That is the good.

    The not so good is that this the only site I belong to that people openly trash on certain peoples experience with various products with little or no experience with the individual products. Often times, theses comments come from people who have limited experiences in the subject matter and are commenting on theory vs experience which is pure bullshit. As I have always offered, you want to hear a very nice system, I'll fly you out, make you dinner, have a serious listening session and fly you home on my dime. I will also take all of the labels off the gear so you do not know what you re listening to.

    I think you will go home with a nice meal and a great listening experience.
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  16. Barry_NJ

    Barry_NJ Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    CJ, I think you're right about "Internet Forums" dying, and HT/Audio too... These are the times we live in. With that said, I truly enjoy popping in here once a week, or every few days, to see what my "friends" are up to. I've connected with a few of us on Facebook, and that's nice, even in the real world too, even nicer!. I greatly enjoy the Movie and TV sections here for the insight given and introductions to things I might have otherwise missed. I fully understand your feelings, and thank you for any and all your efforts here. All the BEST, Barry
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  17. John mark

    John mark Member

    CJ, I know this maybe a little late to post, but your efforts were not fruitless. I was a member years ago and got your email to rejoin. I did and realized HTL was a cozy corner on the internet. I like it small. Its a much warmer feeling! Everyone has been nice and if I had a question it was answered. I usually visit about 5 times a week and love the experience.
    Don't give up!
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  18. CJ

    CJ Bronze Member Admin War Zone Member

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    Thanks John... I know there are probably still lurkers too.
  19. Mike

    Mike Bon Vivant Top Poster

    Just saw this, have to be in a meeting in 5. Will respond at length later.
  20. Mike

    Mike Bon Vivant Top Poster

    CJ, as you know this forum business is a very time consuming thing. It is so much more than just logging on a few times a day to make sure people aren't verbally assaulting each other. It is an occupation, and it takes as much time as a second job but pays nothing, or close to nothing.

    When HTT had it largest membership boost I was giving away receivers, subwoofers, speakers and expensive cables. I know most people thought I was rolling in the dough but in reality the prizes were payment for advertising. So instead of money, I took merch and then gave it away just to build the membership. And still I felt I needed to do more. It was never enough.

    But that is an unsustainable model and soon the forum began to stagnate. The advertisers had remained loyal and were a great support, but finding new ones became a real hassle. They new ones all wanted me to be like a commissioned salesman, getting paid only when people clicked through and bought something. Thank goodness for the regular sponsors or HTT would have bitten the dust long before it did. My server costs (even back then) were several hundred a month.

    Don't let the lull of new members get you. The group here is the important thing. They are a fine bunch of peeps. You mentioned watching kids grow up online, well I watched YOU grow up online. :) As it has been said we are all friends and many of us with a 20 year history. That is really unheard of on the interweb. I still get facebook (and Linkedin) friend requests from people I remember from the old days at HTF even. This place touches peoples lives in ways you cannot fathom. Keep that close in your thoughts.

    Artie was the perfect example of the good a place like this does. This place feels different than Facebook, and in a good way. I know I have not been active lately but I plan to work on that.

    This place is more than numbers. Unless it is actually hurting you financially to float it, the boat needs to keep sailing. Not only for the great passengers you have on board, but for the captain as well.

    But with all that said...keep things in perspective. You know what comes first.

    Call sometime, I miss our chats.

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