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  1. Andrew Pratt

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    I have spent more time than I care to admit over the last 10 days frantically working to build an Augmented Reality Sandbox for the interpretive centre at work. Tomorrow is go live day so as much as I'm excited to finally show people what we've been working on I'm looking forward to getting my life back!

    The AR Sandbox's are best understood by watching a video

    The box itself is made from solid maple and maple plywood and is driven by a i5 CPU, GeForce 1070 video, SSD and a microsoft Kinect sensor. Luckily one of my direct reports has a 3D printer so we were able to use that to print custom mounts for the kinect sensor and monitor.


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  2. Dustin B

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    That's pretty cool Andrew. You should share some video of you using the one you built.
  3. Carl V

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    pretty Cool.
    How'd that Interactive Mirror Project turn out
  4. Andrew Pratt

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    It didn’t. The 2 way mirror finish rubbed off easily and so i abandoned the project for now.
  5. capsuleri

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