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Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by DYohn, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. DYohn

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    My good friend Matthew King (AKA El Ray Mateo, percussionist and guitarist in the band The Alchemystics) and his wife Sara Little Crow (my wife's neice) were visiting from Massachusetts this past week. Matthew noticed my headphone rig and asked about it. I sat him in from of my PC and fired up Roon, had him put on the Ether C Flows driven by Schiit Gungnir MB and Mjolnir 2 with Gold Lions, and told him to scroll through the interface and find something he wanted to listen to. 20 seconds into the first click, his eyes lit up and he said, "Wow, what are these headphones?" I told him to just keep listening. He spent the next hour listening and all I could hear were his feet and hands tapping the rhythms. When he was done he made me write down the names of the gear and I emailed him links to the Schiit and Mr. Speakers web sites. Another audiophile created from a music lover. Success.
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  2. Phil A

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    Good job - now you need to do a video like this:)
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  3. Randy Rhoton

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    Shame on you. ;) I love it.:D
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  4. Mike B

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    Good for you (and Matt), always amazing when you hear stuff that's better than what you heard before.

    Another "on the path" - :)
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    Yeah, there's always someone that gives you that first hit for free. For me it was a college roommate that I had for ONE summer because I sublet from his normal roommate who went home to work for the summer.
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  6. Denton

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    So.... did you get a kick-back from Schiit and Mr Speakers? o_O
  7. DYohn

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    I wish. :)
  8. Denton

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    I must confess that I've had mixed luck with audio demonstrations for friends. Musicians have been among the most difficult to 'impress', but not because of questions of fidelity per se. A couple of them seemed to focus on qualities that are maybe more critical to live performance audio, e.g. 'clarity'.
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