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  1. carlthess40

    carlthess40 New Member

    I have a few amps for sale, shipping will be from 32746. Lake mary Florida
    1. Niles SI-1200. 12 channel amp that can work as a 6 channel
    2. Niles. Sub amp. SA-100
    3 sonance. Sonamp 275x3 SE
    4. Sonance. Sonamp 260
    5. Dbx. Sub amp. MPA150
    6. Kenwood. EQ GE-76
    7. Pioneer SACD player. DV-AX10 This is 55lbs so shipping will be high I don’t have a remote but could include a programmable Logitech harmony 900 with it
    8. Onkyo av receiver TX-DS595 No remote I am very open on the prices The amps will be 100 each
    The dbx will be 55.00
    The pioneer sacd player will be 650 The onkyo is 65
    The Kenwood eq is 65 Please email me for pics and info on any item
    341c5c20d39a74049e7ff15eefda11ad.jpg dfe6c4e2adf96bdd40378acc75197ade.jpg
    cd79eb6192f0574e0af159187e23da9a.jpg 95cb6d81f4dea35891857cbe956071a6.jpg 3422e23ce6f5d300d62eb44cb30e6f84.jpg 936e74b6ec65c15f0fd78514529dede3.jpg 496fbcffd3cf49391a3a6001cd9a7e19.jpg be854e5ddaf5fea67a45bde972b78c51.jpg 487b41c78e56d460891234d5b144ee58.jpg
  2. carlthess40

    carlthess40 New Member

    Does anyone live here ????? Lol Come on people. These are good little amps and I’m willing to make deals Even trades for car audio amps and stuff
  3. Carl V

    Carl V Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    a few people live here...not as populace as other sites.
    Most here have an well established and mature setup..
    good luck
  4. carlthess40

    carlthess40 New Member

    Thank you. Sometimes it take awhile to sell gear

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