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    There are "routines" in the newest Alexa app (not sure if it's considered beta or not) that do allow you to string some things together. It's strange that there's always a few things that you'd like it to do that don't seem to work yet, but I'm sure they're working on it. For your use case, it looks like the harmony hub is compatible with routines (Amazon debuts Alexa Routines for customizable and scheduled tasks) the only thing I'm not positive is if you can get it tell you the weather when it's done.

    My main use case for routines is to set specific "scenes" for my house. "Lumos" or "Illuminate" (movie reference, ha) turns my family room overhead lights to 32% and lights above my bar on. "Alexa, Bedtime One" turns off all the lights in my house that I have wired to smart switches except my bedroom and my daughter's bedroom, and sets the hallway light to 10%.

    I love my Alexa devices. As far as I'm concerned, Amazon can have all of my information if it makes my house work like the computers from Star Trek.
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    Thanks Chris.

    I believe you are correct about routines. It looks like routines would get me part way there: I could start up Harmony stuff and get the weather, but I couldn't start the streaming app.
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    There's a pretty good explanation of how this stuff works together on CNET. I have an Echo in the kitchen for radio and music, and I added a Dot to my A/V system for random music. I think I'll keep pushing the Harmony buttons for now.
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    I had an old GPS thingy for the car that let you change the voice to celebrities. I had W on mine, and at the end of the trip he said, in his inimitable malapropic way, "you have reached your destification." I think Amazon should do the same with the Echo. Instead of Alexa, you could say Henny, tell me a joke. "Take my wife, please!"
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    back in the day AOL had celebrity voices...Arnold was one
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    (Stole this from a friend on FB)

    Next time everyone's working from home and you're on a Skype meeting with 10 or so people, wait for a lull in the conversation. And then yell out "Alexa play Iron Man by Black Sabbath!"
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