Air and Space Show 2017, Melbourne, Florida

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    Nice weekend at this airshow. This was my first time in a Photo Pit with both amateur and professional photographers. Lots of gear to see and a very friendly atmosphere. Lots of Canon Full Frames, a few Nikons, and I didn't see any Sony Cameras. The lens ranged from Kits to Full blown professional glass.

    A mixed bag of performers, ranging from the Thunderbirds, an F-16, F-18 Superhornet, T-33, B-25, Sky Jumpers, and Patrouille De France. The French Demonstration Team hadn't performed in the states in 30 years, so it was a great surprise to see them perform.

    I used mainly my 55-300mm but there were some shots where I had to use the 18-140mm for wide angle shots.

    Patrouille De France

    T-33 flown by Greg Coyle

    F-18 Super Hornet

    Airforce Thunderbirds #6 High Alpha Pass

    Airforce Thunderbirds Diamond
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    Great shots!

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    Really nice shots!
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    Thank you!! This time around I really paid attention to the Histogram on my camera per the advice of some Amateur and Professional Photographers at the airshow. With the exception of the last shot of the Thunderbirds Diamond, the only post processing I performed were mainly Crop, Dehaze, and Highlights in Light Room 5. Lots of Smoke obviously throughout the show and the Dehazing effect helped to clear some of it out.

    My Sigma 150-600 Contemporary came in and I will be trying it out next week while in Asheville, plus an Airshow at the end of the month with the Blue Angels at in Beaufort, South Carolina. I will primarily use the 18-140mm lens for landscapes but wildlife is where the Sigma may come in handy. It's a big lens, and the "Sports" version is larger and heavier. Because of last night's storms I didn't have anything to shoot, but I spent some time getting used to holding this lens attached to my camera in my hands. I thought it was a struggle to move around with a 55-300mm, but that lens is way more manageable now with this new Sigma in the home.

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