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    well I waited researched and the time was right.

    It seems just after the super bowl in Feb is when TVs hit the low and new models show up at full retail in early March.

    So I nabbed a Samsung MU8000 in the 49 inch size. That is just what works in our cabinet. I slso picked up the 8500 UHD player too.

    I was a little disappointed at first but after a little online reading and some setting tweaks, wholly shit it looks great.

    Getting UHD from VUDU, amazon prime but having a few issues getting Netflix up o speed but will figure it out.

    Tossed in Kong Skull Island in the player and man it looked great.

    The thing that really surprised me was the one remote thing really did work, took over the cable box and UHD player and I don’t need my cable remote at all. I never really expect much from these simple unified remote things but his thing is well thought out has a minimum number of buttons and chops through it all like a champ.

    The onscreen hub is blazing ly fast with not lag, super intuitive and is likely means I will not be buying a UHD roku.

    There was a QLED set in 49 inches above mine but had been reading it was not worth the extra hundred and had read the 7000 below mine was a big drop off in HDR and picture quality for 150 less. So I think I found the Goldilocks one.

    v listed ate much more around Xmas was on sale for 799 but went up to 899 after and it dropped to 699 just before super bowl. So got it for the 699 p,us 149 for 5 year ex warranty.

    Had 260 in best buy rewards, 150 in Best Buy gift cards I had been saving, 70 in Samsung Pay rewards. Made it very palatable. :)

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