Adire Maelstrom 18" sub FREE*

Discussion in 'For Sale/Trade Lounge (members)' started by Mike B, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Eric

    Eric Active Member

    Lancaster, in the Antelope Valley.
  2. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    Ah, So Cal, cool.

    Yeah good road trip. FL to SCA eh? Me thinks the heat is the same but not the humid?

    Welcome to California!
  3. Bent

    Bent Active Member War Zone Member

    Eric, you were the first to put your thumb on this, I wasn't sure what happened so I thought I'd ask if it was still avaiable.
    I don't want to pull it out from under you, I do have a very capable HT subwoofer already. I was interested in building a second smaller one for upstairs (yes, a sealed 18"er would be smaller than my dual 15" sealed R-lp Soundsplinter). I'll give you first option to formally refuse before I really put my foot into it.
  4. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    OK, you 2 guys work it out, I'm cool either way.

    Except if your road trip (Eric) is for next Christmas...
  5. Eric

    Eric Active Member

    I was half joking on the first post, and obviously never followed up. I do need to build a sub for the new place, but it'll be a while before I get around to it. I'd just end up storing it in a spare room here until I worked my way through my LONG to do list.

    As far as I'm concerned, Bent, you have right of first refusal. I'll have to make time to schedule the road trip.....if you guys decide shipping is acceptable to you, go for it. If not, I'll take it.
  6. Bent

    Bent Active Member War Zone Member

    Ok, thanks Eric.
    Mike, lemme know if shipping is stupid expensive - im hoping no more than 70 bucks. (my Rl-p's were 50 via usps fo Canada a very long time ago)
  7. carlthess40

    carlthess40 New Member

    Hello. If the deal falls though with any of your friends let me know. My zip code is 32746 and have a Fedex account. Thank you. Carl
  8. Bent

    Bent Active Member War Zone Member

    Money Order should be enroute today - I'll let you know by day's end

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