A cure for the flu? Vanilla Sky...

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by GSmitty, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. GSmitty

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    On the recovery side of the slope from the flu. So lot's of seat time in my recliner the last week...

    For no reason in particular, I'd never seen Vanilla Sky before. So when I spotted it, thought I'd run thru it. I've enjoyed Cameron Crowe(SP?) movies before, so figured it would not be a real intense movie. And if was not.

    But, I admit that towards the end - I really just was not 'getting it'... It ended, and I was glad it had...

    I turned off the TV, and after thinking about the movie for about 5 minutes. Decided I must really be more impacted from the flu then I thought.

    Cure the flu? Well not as much as Scotch and Chicken Soup - but, I decided to get up and out for a walk around the neighborhood to clear my mind....

    How about it. Did I miss something? If I did, please give me a hint... And if so, I'll wait a few months, and try it again...

    Best to all,
  2. DustinDavis

    DustinDavis Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    All I remember about this movie is not liking it so much either.
  3. Denton

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    If I recall correctly, the plot involved a character who was unable to tell his nightmares from reality. I call that "Tuesday".
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  4. CJ

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    Did you understand it and not like it or not understand it?

    Tom Cruise is a rich playboy and he meets Penelope Cruz at a party and they fall for each other. TC's ex, Cameron Diaz get's jealous and tries to commit murder suicide by crashing a car with her and TC in it. TC lives but is horribly disfigured. His life, including relationship with PC spirals due to disfigurement "ruining" his perfect, hot body, rich, hot girlfriend, life. He ends up getting shitfaced and passing out in the street. Then shit gets surreal and you later find out that it's because either the night he gets shitfaced or shortly thereafter he actually mostly killed himself with a drug overdose but had signed a contract with a cryo-preservation company and has been frozen for 150 years living in a lucid dream (the idea being they will thaw him when the world has the technology to fix his screwed up face). That dream is now going haywire. The movie ends with TC given the choice of the cryo company rebooting his dream or he can exit cryo. Exiting basically requires him to kill himself in the lucid dream. Drama comes from the idea that the audience is not 100% if that is what really happened or if TC is crazy and might really be killing himself. Also he has to jump off a building and TC has severe fear of heights in the movie.

    I think its a good movie. This thread and my need to use some internet-assisted memory recall makes me want to rewatch it. Its a bit like Memento though in that you need to be willing to put a little mental work into understanding what is going on. Might not have been best to watch while ill.
  5. DYohn

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    Having just read CJ's spoiler I am very happy I avoided this one (like I do all Tom Cruise movies) because it sounds like I'd have to be shitfaced AND have the flu to sit through it. :)
  6. CJ

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    It's not for everyone. It was heavily debated back in the early 00's on internet forums. Did you see Memento? Did you like that one?

    Now that I think about it more I think I appreciated the idea much more than the execution. If you recall it was a remake of Abre los Ojos. The original Spanish film received significantly higher critical acclaim, in fact Vanilla Sky has a 42% on Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe I'll watch that instead of rewatching VS as I've never seen the original.
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  7. DYohn

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    I did like Memento, actually. I thought it was pretty brilliant. But I really don't like Tom Cruise...
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  8. Carl V

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    the Spanish version was entertaining....
    Memento was clever when it came out.
    (and no TC)
    Just as Roshomon was clever.
    there are a number of" A'ha" films

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