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    I upgraded my 2012 Kindle Paperwhite this week and thought I'd give a few impressions. First I know some of you probably don't like e-readers. Fine. This thread isn't for you, go away ;)

    My Paperwhite didn't strictly NEED upgrading. It was still functional but the batter wasn't holding as long and it has the oldest backlight technology from Amazon the old 200 dpi resolution. It also didn't support some of the newer features I'm guessing due to OS limitations from an older model.

    I could have probably bought a new Paperwhite and been fine. But for something that will last me at least 5 years if my current reader is any indication, I didn't feel guilty going for the flagship.

    The Oasis has a few exclusive features. Some are completely different from what is available on lower models, and some are just improvements on lower models. Improvements include weight, better backlight, adaptive backlight, bigger battery. Completely exclusive features include Audible support, white text on black, waterproof to 2 meters 7" screen, and the overall form factor.

    With that said, the resolution, screen size, weight and form factor where what attracted me. The screen is an inch larger, 7" vs 6" while the overall unit is still just over half the weight. A few of the other features are less of a big deal to me. The unit also just does everything a bit nicer, as a flagship model should. It has more LEDs so the backlight is completely even with no hotspots. Necessary, no. Nice, yeah. Also the Oasis has a light sensor and auto adjusts the backlight. The Voyage also shares this feature but the Paperwhite does not.

    Practically, the design makes the reader easier to hold one-handed in my opinion. The Oasis is the only kindle that is asymmetrical left to right and it is designed in a way that makes it hand agnostic. If I'm holding the reader with my right hand and it gets tired, I simple flip the unit over while passing it to my left hand, keeping the page turn buttons positioned now for my left thumb. While the Voyage sports page turn buttons (they're actually haptic virtual buttons I believe) the Oasis has a larger bezel on the button side, making it easier to hold one handed in my experience.

    The unit is much faster than my 2012 Paperwhite but I understand it is not significantly faster than a brand new Paperwhite.

    The unit also supports white on black text which can help keep the light down if you're reading in a dark environment and don't want to disturb others. This can probably be implemented in the other models via software but hasn't. So, for now it is an Oasis exclusive feature.

    Finally, this is something that has probably been improved on all e-readers but I was on a five year old model... ghosting has been eliminated. My 2012 Paperwhite still ghosted quite a bit and it was noticeable in books with graphics, which happens more than you might think.

    I spent a decent chunk more than what would have been necessary to simply replace my Kindle with a newer model. I certainly fell victim to the "in for a dime, in for a dollar" fallacy but in the few days I've owned the Oasis I do not regret it.

    * Memory has never been an issue for me. I don't own enough books to fill up a few GB and even if I did, they don't ALL need to be on the device at once.
    **Waterproof is firmly in the "nice to have" camp. I don't take baths so my only use case here is being able to read by/in the pool on vacations which is kind of nice but pretty limited.
    ***The 7" screen size is nice because you can bump the font up while still retaining a decent word count per page. I'm not yet to the age of needing reading glasses but I think a little larger font helps reduce eye strain for me.

    Here's Amazon's product comparison page. https://www.amazon.com/b/?ie=UTF8&node=6669702011&tag=homthelou-20
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    Thank you CJ. I was getting interested in upgrading my Voyage. So the page turn buttons are real buttons? Our Voyages sometimes cause page issues by skipping ahead and then its a bitch to get back where you were. Looking forward to further reports.
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    Physical buttons, yes.
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    Nice review and I like a lot of the same things you do. But I would have trouble justifying $300 for a dedicated e-reader right now. I'll stick with my 5 year old Paperwhite for a while longer; it still works perfectly fine, although I should probably get a new case.
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    HUGE diminishing returns here. A handful of exclusive features and slightly nicer hardware. For me it was worth it. For many, it wouldn't be.

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