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Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by Denton, Aug 30, 2017.

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    The Gators are now down 10 (TEN) players for this weekend's opener against Michigan. They will start a freshman QB. Their "offense" will also be missing their starting RB and WR. Fortunately, I am unaware of anyone named Hernandez on this team. :eek: The Gators have made it to the SEC Championship the last 2 seasons (in spite of no offense) by using an effective defense. Nothing will save their butts against Michigan. This could be UGLY.
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    I thought this could be a decent game prior to the suspensions but now it looks like it could get ugly. Michigan is not quite back to elite but they've been recruiting at an elite level for a couple years under Harbaugh so this year could be a big step.

    Iowa opens against Wyoming. A damned if you do, damned if you don't game. Wyoming has a 1st round NFL quarterback but apparently all of his top receivers graduated. Wyoming's lines should not be up to a full 4 quarters against Iowa but that doesn't mean we won't get snakebit. I still think we'll win but I could see us not covering the ~12pt spread. Iowa will be starting a new, true sophomore quarterback and a lot of new people at receiver but the losses at receiver are from one of the worst receiving corps in the power five. We could possibly have one of the best defensive front 7 in the B1G and will have a good offensive line. Defensive secondary will be a question mark. Our running game should be better than average.

    Don't forget Ohio State plays at Indiana tonight (8/31)

    In other big match-ups, I'm taking Alabama over FSU and I think it could be a blow-out.
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    Makes me warm and bubbly inside in regards to FL's recent news. Mich has the least returning starters in FBS, but I don't think they'll see much of a drop off.

    As for FSU. I hope that I'm surprised, but as poorly as the O-line has played the past 2 seasons and how slow of a start the defense as a group gets off to I'm kind of expecting a blow-out as well. Glad to see Derwin back and healthy. He can give anyone in the country fits, but he can't be everywhere everytime against a team as complete as Bama.

    I'm stoked to see how Frenchy has improved over the summer.
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    Nebraska is now 1-2 for the second time under Reilly.

    Nebraska listed as nation's 'most miserable' program by USA Today following NIU loss

    I can tell you living in Omaha, that is patently false. Plenty of people believe that.

    I've had this conversation with coworkers. Here's the question, why? If I said, "is being as good as Ohio State too much to ask?" I would be laughed at. But here's a reality. Nebraska isn't even as good as Iowa right now. Iowa has won 3 of the last 4 against Nebraska. Since Nebraska's AD famously quipped "you have to consider where Iowa is at as a program" when firing Bo Pelini after a close win in Iowa city (a win many thought would spare his job) Nebraska is 16-13 while Iowa is 23-7.

    The only way Nebraska will return to consistent national prominence is to cheat. Let's not kid ourselves, Nebraska benefited greatly from their position in the Big 8 and then Big 12 north. Even the conference alignment to the Big 12 started the descent of the Huskers and the Big Ten is even more difficult for them. There is much more parity in the Big Ten. The Big Ten is a conference where outside of the big two, any team can snake bite you any given week. Mediocre Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, etc. teams have cost blue bloods trips to the national championship FREQUENTLY over the years. Nebraska is still in the weaker division of its conference but it is nowhere near as weak as the Big 12 North was.

    Nebraska could realistically miss a bowl game this year. They should have missed out two years ago when they were 5-7 going into bowl selection but there are so many god damn bowl games they got to go to one any way.

    Its clear I take some amount of pleasure from Nebraska's situation. Husker fans really are insufferable. When they beat you, you hear about it. When you beat them, its just diarrhea of the mouth about tradition and history and how you've never done anything.

    On a separate note, I was at the Iowa game Saturday. Should have had 14 more points and that was the worst officiated game I've attended. Absolutely god awful.
  5. Denton

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  6. CJ

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    Iowa lost a heart breaker to Penn State. Its not that we deserved to win... they had us beat in every stat. But we played with all heart and had the lead with under two minutes to go. My only complaint is a missed call where Barkley clearly had a knee down and gained 25 yards AFTER he was down. Penn State went hurry up and the booth didn't stop the game to take a look.
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    Iowa got its first Big Ten win against a BAD Illinois team. Still got off to a slow start but ended up racking up 45 points and none of them were really garbage points and Iowa's second team scored the final touchdown. I despise running up the score but when you have a full 2nd team in and they're scoring, they deserve it. Those kids show up and work out just as long as the 1st team.

    MSU beat Michigan. MSU isn't GREAT but their defense may be better than we though and so I feel less crappy losing to them.

    ISU won AT Oklahoma with their backup QB*. Whoa. If TCU loses a bad game expect the Big 12 to be left out of the playoff. *Rumors on the Cyclone forum are that Parks failed a drug test. Not sure if they will get away with handling that internally if that is the case. I'll say if we never hear anything more, chalk that up to forum BS.

    Nebraska lost again. Not a huge surprise that Wisconsin beat them but the fans are still in meltdown mode because of "the way they lost". Nebraska does have a history of getting beat bad. There was a stat floating around last year after Iowa beat them 40-10 about how many losses of 30+ they've had. It was WAY more than Iowa has had under Ferentz.

    FSU is now 3-1 with the one win by a mere 7 points over Wake Forrest. Jimbo is a good coach and they have some great talent but they still have some hard games on the schedule. It will be interesting to see if they can find something to play for if the end up losing a couple more.
  8. Drew

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    ISU's 3-rd string QB. I couldn't watch the game because it was on a CBS station. :(

    FSU is 1-3, not 3-1. Jimbo needs to fire Kelly and Trickett, among others. Just don't know if he will. His contract is years out, so from that perspective he lacks that incentive. I still hope they win 5 and don't go to a bowl game. Changes won't be made if they don't. Between this year thus far and last alone, FSU has given up 7 4th quarter game losing/tying drives.

    Props to Mark Richt getting the Miami players off midfield at the end of the game. Dudes a class act.
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    Oh man... that Ohio State game was awesome.

    ...and Nebraska hires Washing State's AD??? OK, Wazzu football (which, lets be honest, football is what this is about) is perennially .500. They had a failed 4 year stint where they were bad, but since 1977 they're just a .500 team. So I don't see the narrative that this AD restored the program. My guess is they'll go after Scott Frost but wait as long as possible so he can build as much good will at Central Florida before being brought into Lincoln to have the fans suck the life out of him and then throw him away. Or maybe they'll bring Mike Leach along who has a worse overall record than Bo Pelini did. Also Mike Leach is 56, which isn't OLD but Nebraska just hired a 60 year old coach last cycle so even if it works out, you're looking again a few years. I can't see Leach making it much beyond 60 at a program as demanding as Nebraska.

    I guess as an anti-Husker fan the longer they continue to fail to realize they're never getting back the better. Its amusing and it makes them easier to beat.

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